Last updated on October 16th, 2020

“My evergreen funnel is flawed.” 

“I tried evergreen launches and honestly… they didn’t work.” 

“Live launches are exhausting but at least, they convert.” 


If you’ve ever felt evergreen launches wouldn’t work for you or maybe you tried an evergreen launch only to see it falter and fumble… read on. 

The truth is… 

evergreen course funnels work only when you nurture them with C.T.A. 

Not the “call-to-action” CTA BUT the kind that turns your funnel into the Pied Piper of perfect, pull-out-those-wallets, prospects. 

After working on hundreds of evergreen funnels and seeing them convert like gangbusters, here’s what I know… 

… when you implement the C.T.A recipe, you remove resistance, and friction fizzles out. 

You connect with your audience. 

You give them the opportunity to see the real value of your know-how.


Evergreen Funnel

So, without further ado, here are the ingredients for this conversion-propelling C.T.A recipe for an evergreen funnel that runs like a Tesla on steroids: 


Confused prospects don’t buy. 

This is why your offer, your messaging, your big idea, and outcomes need to be radically clear. 

Now before we talk about why clarity is super important, let it be known that clarity does NOT equal boring. 

Clarity does not mean you don’t use the power of positioning to paint word pictures on your prospects’ brain canvas. 

Clarity, according to me, is all about packaging and presenting your offer in a way that’s elegant and engaging. 

You can add clarity not only to the offer but also to every element of copy that makes its way to your emails, social copy, and sales page. 

Here’s an example of a clarity-centered headline from our client Cara Clyne’s offer- Hair Boss University.

Clarity is when your offer speaks to your prospects’ pain with empathy and also engages their senses so they can see a new reality after they’ve taken your program. 

When prospects can see exactly what they’ll walk away with… there is zero resistance. 

When the tangible outcomes and the big benefits are as clear as the mole on Cindy Crawford’s lip, price becomes irrelevant. 🙌🏻

When there is utter and complete clarity around why now will be the best time for them to sign up, there is no need for fake urgency to cast an ugly shadow on your sales page. 


Next up is Trust. 

Trust is all about removing skepticism from your prospects’ minds. 

It is about turning the wariest of buyers into one who pulls out their credit card even before they’ve reached the end of your email or sales page. 

Trust is that magical ingredient that helps prospects see you as someone they can lean on, believe in, and most definitely, buy from. 🔥

So… How do you use trust to create evergreen course sales? 

  • You sprinkle trust liberally all through your evergreen funnel. 
  • You share social proof with your prospects in the form of testimonials and case studies to show you’re trusted by their peers. 
  • You back your offer with a guarantee or any other form of risk-reversal. 
  • Whether on social or in your emails, you steer clear from false claims and hyperbole. You teach what you know and do in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. 
  • You don’t blanket your “terms and conditions” in vaguespeak. Instead, you lean on clarity and are super clear about who should (or more importantly, shouldn’t!) sign up for your programs instead of sneakily covering just about everyone. 

Most importantly, you build trust with your prospects by walking the talk and by treating your prospects like humans instead of numbers in your sales machine. 


Finally, we have authority. 

Authority is when you share your expertise and know-how so your audience can see that not only do you know your stuff, you know it well. 💪

Word of warning: Authority isn’t about sliding into Facebook groups with a “My life was crap, and now, it’s crazy awesome. Come, join my 6-figure program now” post. 

Also, authority isn’t about playing the “smartest person in the room” game. 

It is about showing up consistently and sharing what you know. 

You share not to overwhelm or impress but to connect and converse with your prospects. 

Your authority shouldn’t come from a place of showmanship. Let an internal compass of humble confidence be your guide.

How do you add authority to your evergreen funnel? 

Your lead magnet or opt-in, your emails, your social content, even your sales page, and launch webinars are all prime places for your authority to shine

That’s right. 

Sales webinars shouldn’t be fluff and they definitely, shouldn’t be a showoff reel! 

In fact, our Profits on Tap launch masterclass consistently gets great feedback and is perfect for building authority. 

Evergreen Funnel

Authority is about showing up, serving, delivering, and connecting. Consistently. 

And here’s the beauty behind this C.T.A recipe…  

When you’re clear, people trust you. 

When they trust you, they listen to you. 

When they listen to you, you become an authority for them. 

Evergreen Funnel


Can you see how these three ingredients blend together to create a conversion cocktail, unlike any other? 

Best part? 

This recipe adapts perfectly to all kinds of launches and funnels. But it works exceptionally well for evergreen launches. 

Want step-by-step recipes to use, complete with “ingredients” and more, to create profit-rich evergreen launches? 

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