How to have better people skills

People skills.


Building relationships.

Every entrepreneur needs plenty of this and in good measure.

Whether you’re starting a new business or growing your current one, chances are your people skills are under the spotlight, all the time.

As an ISFJ that makes me very uncomfortable indeed but I have learnt to manage it, thanks to the special skills that being a parent demands.

If you want to learn how to improve your people management skills, you’re in the right place, my friend!

They say, every thing in life is a lesson.

So, on that note, today, I want to tell you how being a parent helps us become better at networking and building relationships with fellow entrepreneurs AND our own team members.

People Skills and Parenting: Lessons to Learn

1. Treat Each Child as an Individual

As parents, we strive hard to respect and value each child as an individual, right? After all, just because Bobby plays baseball doesn’t mean Sammy needs to do that too, right?

So, apply the same principle at work and see the difference it makes to individual and team morale.

Value each team member and even, fellow entrepreneur as an individual, respect differences {to reasonable extents} and understand their personalities.

This will help you evaluate strengths and areas of opportunities better.

2. Encourage Team Play and Sharing

While we’re all for respecting the child as an individual, as parents we also want them to function well in society and grow up to be compassionate and kind adults who’re concerned about others.

In business, too, you must respect people for who they are, collaborate, cooperate and even, compete but with respect and dignity.

Gossip, alienation or bullying aren’t great at school or on the playground and neither are they in business.

3. Put Away the Tech and Pay Attention

Being connected and joined at the hip or rather fingertips, to our phone, tablet or laptop is pretty much a given these days.

However, when your kids want to talk to you, it’s natural you put away the tech and pay attention. Really tune in and try to understand what’s bothering them or celebrate what’s making them happy.

Do the same thing in your business social interactions.

When at a conference or networking event, don’t keep tweeting away or checking your email.

Instead, look around, sit down at tables and talk. Pay attention to people in the offline world to remain connected in the online world.  

4. Listen to Both Sides of the Story

Finally, one of the roles that every parent must play, like it or not, is that of mediator.

Helping squabbling siblings or playdate mates find common ground or declare truce.

We do this by listening to both sides of the story and by making a fair and impartial decision. Only then do our children learn to trust and respect us and feel cared for, equally.

Again, this is something that you can easily replicate as an entrepreneur.

Adults aren’t unlike kids, in some ways. So you’re bound to have disagreements, misunderstandings and conflicts. Resolve them by listening carefully to both sides of the story before making a fair decision.

Are you a parent-preneur? What are some of the people skills you’ve learnt while walking the parenting road

Build Your People Skills Using Your Parenting Knowledge

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