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“How do you clean your home, feed your kids, and still build a business?”

“How do you do it? I’m struggling with this monster of a laundry pile, keeping the kids entertained, putting food on the table and working on my business. I’m so ready to throw in the towel!”

“Is the work-life balance a myth for at-home entrepreneurs?”

These are all questions that I’ve seen and heard from fellow at-home business owners.

The fact is… when we start our business, we have this rosy-hued vision of being able to work on the laptop while our toddler plays happily at our feet, the house in the background is neat and gorgeous while a meal is ready and waiting in the crockpot in the kitchen.

THAT, my friend, is a stock photo.

Reality is… the toddler being cranky because he’s running a fever, the dog wanting to go out every 5 minutes, dinner being forgotten because you were on a client call, the older kids needing help with homework while you’re trying finish that client call… and the house? Oh don’t even bring that up!

Yes, managing a home and running a business can be tough.

How do I know it?

Ahem, because I’ve done it. For the past 4 years on a full-time basis and before that, as a freelancer.

So, I’ve walked the tightrope of raising a family, running a home and building a business.

Here are 9 of my best tips to help you create a home management routine of sorts to streamline your life and infuse peace and grace so that you can build your business without losing your mind.

Home Management Tips for At-Home Entrepreneurs

1. Know your priorities

That is right. It is essential that you know what is absolutely important and non-negotiable for your family so you can focus on that and create a system to ensure it gets done.

For us it is eating healthy and from scratch. It’s non-negotiable because what we eat has a direct impact on how we feel and our health. So, Mayank and I make sure we menu plan, shop for groceries smartly and eat right.

For your family, it could be the same or it could be something different, like cleaning or organizing. Whatever be your family’s top priority, start with that and create a system to support that.

2. Know and respect your life’s season

My home management routines have changed every year.


Because while the basics are the same, the things that need to get done vary depending on our life’s season.

When Manini was a baby, I worked while she napped which was often and cooking mainly involved making a meal for Mayank and me. Cleaning up was also much easier because well, babies don’t make messes the way a toddler or now a 7-year old does 😉

However, babyhood meant I was sleep deprived, exhausted from breastfeeding all.the.time and just craving a conversation that didn’t involve gurgles, as adorable as they are.

Knowing and respecting my life’s seasons meant that I could create a home management and self-care routine that supported it instead of going against it.

What does your life’s season look like?

What does it need the most?

Sit down and make a list of the top 5 things that your home and family need from you the most. Knowing your priorities {see #1} helps.

In your planner or on your calendar, schedule in time to make those 5 things happen.

Productivity is about using

3. Step out of Comparisonville

Your life is your life.

My life is mine.

I can’t do all that you manage to do and vice-versa.

So, let’s stop visiting Comparisonville and instead, focus on our little spaces instead.

So, there maybe the mom who bakes brownies for every playdate and always has a snack handy for all the kids at the school pick up.

There maybe the neighbor who looks stylishly turned out while you barely managed to pull on a clean tee. There maybe the fellow entrepreneur who’s scaling her business and making more money than your family ever has. There always will be someone who has something you wish for.  That’s life.

You can either look at them and feel bad for yourself or you can look at them, be happy for them and feel proud of yourself for respecting and enjoying your life’s season.

4. Have a basic housekeeping schedule in place

You know what the best part is when you’re working from home?
You’re working from home!!

You know what the worst part is when you’re working from home?
Yes… you’re working from home!!

That’s right. This is one of those catch 22 situations that everyone seems to talk about.

You can’t escape the messes, the bajillion calls for Mommy or Daddy, the siblings fighting, the laundry staring at you, the dirty dishes… Y’know what I mean, right?

The fix?

Have a basic housekeeping routine in place.

Even something as simple as:

Everyday: Do a quick pick up in the morning, make beds and do the dishes in the evening.
Mondays: Laundry
Tuesday: Change bed linen
Wednesdays: Laundry
Thursday: Sweep and mop the house
Friday: Dusting
Weekends: Deep cleaning one area.

Having a basic housekeeping routine will not only help keep your home nice and neat but also, make working from home much easier. Trust me.

I’ll be using a  gorgeous Home Management planner from HERE to streamline MY home management this year. 

5. Delegate chores

You hire out tasks for your business, why not for the house?

Whether it is hiring your neighbor’s son to mow the lawn or a friend’s daughter to walk the dog or your own kids to put out the trash, lay the table, load/unload the dishwasher, do it.

There is no law anywhere that says home management needs to be done all by you, right?

I know! I used to think there was and was an “I’ll do it all on my own” sorts for the longest time ever.

Now I delegate. With ease. For peace of mind and a home that I love to work from.

6. Cut back on chauffeuring time

Are you the family chauffeur as well? If so, maybe cutting down on some of your driving time can help free up your schedule.

This year, for instance, we got Manini to go to school on the school bus instead of dropping and picking her like we’d done for the last 4-odd years.

It’s a small step to freeing up some of our time and I can sit down to work 30 minutes earlier and can finish my morning work slot 30 minutes later. That’s a full 60 minutes of work time, my friend.

Some ways you can do that:

-Carpool for school picks and drops or use the school bus.
-Plan grocery and shopping trips so you can get the most done without multiple runs to the stores.
-Shop online wherever you can.

7. Focus like a fiend 😉

This is very important for all at-home entrepreneurs.

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re working from home. Not just that, when you’re online, the distractions are  dime a dozen. So learn to focus.

Work on one thing at a time. Shut down Facebook, Twitter, email or anything else that interferes with you getting that job done.


Your work hours are precious. Don’t fritter them away scrolling through a Facebook feed.

8. Done is better than perfect

Striving for perfection will be the death of me, I tell ya. But it’s something I’m learning to go easy on. So if I can do it, anyone can. 😉

Does it really matter if the wine glasses aren’t arranged perfectly?
Does it count if the bed sheet isn’t tucked in properly?
Does it make a difference if your daughter wants to wear her hair a particular way?


So don’t stress over it. Just get it done.

9. Use all the help you can get

Finally, and most importantly, get all the help you can.

Learn more effective ways of doing things so you can continue to free up your time, build your business and raise your family with grace and love.

I learn something every week. I focus on my areas of possibilities {also, known as weaknesses;)} and look for resources to guide me and teach me.

I read. I listen. I share. I ask.

It’s a constant journey, my friend and you will be figuring it out as you go, but getting help can make it much easier. Trust me.


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