10 Actionable Tips to Maximize Small Business Saturday Sales

88 million people showed up for Small Business Saturday last year with an estimated $14.3 billion dollars in sales.  {source: American Express, Shop Small}

In the UK, sales for Small Business Saturday were up by 36 million pounds in 2014 and 16.5 million people chose to shop at local, small businesses. {source: the Guardian}

How can YOU maximize your holiday marketing efforts and up those sales during Small Business Saturday?

First though, in case, you’re wondering what IS Small Business Saturday or Shop Small, here’s a quick overview.

It is, essentially, a day when you support well, a small business.

Small Business Saturday is an initiative by American Express to support local, independently owned businesses and the first ever Small Business Saturday took place on November 27th in 2010.

Now, let’s look at how YOU can stand out and make the most of this day to increase sales, get more customers and generally, have a blast too!

Holiday Marketing Tips to Maximize Small Business Saturday Sales

1. Start NOW.

Head over to the Shop Small website and get yourself some FREE save-the-date cards to hand out, merchandise, online ads and marketing place listing, ShopSmall ® logos and more.

2. Pretty Up Everything

The holidays are festive and now’s a good time to get your website, your social media profiles and your brick-and-mortar store looking nice and well, holiday-ish.

Change out your Twitter, Facebook and other social media profile banners to reflect your participating in Small Business Saturday. Picmonkey and Canva make it super easy to do this.

3.Collaborate and Cross-Promote

You know I’m a big fan of collaborating with other businesses. Now is a good chance to really reach out and do this.

Are you a photographer? Collaborate with a baker and offer combo deals on birthday cake and photo shoot sessions!

Are you a fitness studio? Collaborate with a yoga wear boutique or a spa!

If you don’t find someone to collaborate with, simply cross promote. You share the other business with your customers, email list, online communities and they do the same!

4. Offer a Deal of the Year

I’ve already shared Deal of the Day as one of the Get More Customers strategy but Small Business Saturday is a day to pull out all the stops. How about offering a mega deal of the year.

A deal they wouldn’t be able to get anytime else ever… only available on Small Business Saturday.

Make sure that they know that you’ll be offering this mega, massive, just-can’t-miss deal though well in advance and with plenty of reminders leading up to the big day!

Sidenote: We, at Content Bistro, WILL be offering a Deal of the Year, so yep, stay tuned! 😉

5. Pump up the Press

Let local media and news outlets know about your participation and, if you can, give them a great story to cover and include.

For instance, the city of Douglas Main Street Merchant Association organized a Selfie event that let people show support for small businesses by clicking a selfie in the store, with staff and then shared their photos on social media.

A fun event like this is bound to get the attention of the local and even, national press!

If you’re an online business, you can showcase your small business story and tie it in with the event. You can tie in sales made on Small Business Saturday with a charity of your choice and share that with local press.

The options are endless. So, make sure you make the most of getting some press.

6. Invite Customers to be your Brand Ambassadors

Reach out to past customers and invite them to be your SmallBizSat Brand Ambassadors. You can offer them a discount on a future purchase, a free gift or a special package, in return for their support.

Ask them to share photos, updates and even, videos about purchasing from you with their community. They can share what they bought from you and why they loved it. Simple and fun!

You can make this a double win for you by asking these loyal customers for feedback on how you can improve products or services as well!

7. #SmallBusinessSaturday is Social

That’s right. Make sure you’re taking to social media, sharing your offers, your participating and your support for this day by using the #ShopSmall, #SmallBizSat and the #SmallBusinessSaturday hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, especially!

This day is just one of the days in the run up to Christmas and holiday shopping, so keep the momentum going with innovative and actionable strategies to get more customers shopping with you and supporting your small business.

Pre-order your copy of the 31 Days to Get More Customers eBook for only $4.99 or reserve a spot in the 31 Days to Get More Customers eCourse again for only $4.99 and you’ll never run out of marketing ideas!

Holiday Marketing Tips to Boost Sales with Small Business Saturday2

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