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We’ve been sharing a bunch of guest blogging tips over the last few weeks.

From 19 mistakes to avoid to why you really need guest blogging to how to find the best places to start posting.

Today, we tie them all up nicely with a look at how to map out your guest blogging strategy.

How do you decide which sites to approach and which to avoid?

How do you keep track of the returns that you get from a guest post?

What are the key goals that you need to set before you send out even a single pitch?

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Guest Blogging Tips for Creating a Traffic-Boosting, Brand-Building, Sales-Supercharging Strategy

As small businesses, guest blogging may often seem overwhelming and tough-to-do.

However, when you have clear-cut strategy in place, it is as simple as plugging in the pieces of the puzzle and being ready-to-go.

A strategy ties all your random thoughts and ideas about guest blogging into an easy-to-understand document so it’s only a matter of checking things off as you move along.

We have a super easy-to-use and eye-opening 6-Step Guest Blogging Strategy that helps you with:

Identifying exactly who you want to reach via your guest posts.

Discovering what goals to set and why you shouldn’t set too many of them

Uncovering the hidden treasure trove of blogs that your readers read regularly in 2 easy steps

Figuring out the key features that set your target blogs apart and why it matters so much.

Understanding why your business values determine your guest blogging strategy and tie it up together.

Once you know who you’re writing for, what values you’re looking at and where to find them as well as what goals to go for, it’s only a matter of moving through the steps to accomplish those goals.

Your strategy guide is a map that gives you clear cut directions on where to head so that you don’t end up feeling that you’re moving all over the place and not heading anywhere.

It is THE first step before you write even, a single word in an outreach email or for a guest post, itself.

It is non-negotiable and skipping it will definitely lead to miserably dismal results with your guest blogging.

If you’ve ever posted on a huge site and not gotten any traffic or comments or subscribers, you know what I’m talking about.

So, it’s time to get smart about what we do and use the limited time we have as entrepreneurs to make the most of this business-building, brand-boosting strategy with, yep, a downloadable strategy guide and complete access to Module 1 of Guest Bloggers Wanted BakeBook: The Step-By-Step Recipes to Get Published on A-List Kitchens Sites with Ease.

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