I may not know a lot about business, but I do know a thing or two about how to grow a copywriting business.

Not only have we been in business since 2011, but we’ve been able to grow this business to high 7-figures in lifetime revenue from the ground up without going into debt, burning out or moving away from our core values.

AND while living in India, raising our daughter and dealing with chronic illness.

“How to grow your copywriting business” is something I can (and should!) write a book on. 😆

But first, let me back up a little and as always, give you some context …

My first real job was that of a media executive at an ad agency.

That job taught me a lot — thinking on my feet, talking to humans, dealing with fires all day long.

Working with the media was super exciting for this fresh-outta-college grad.

So, I enrolled in an evening class to learn journalism.

Three days of the week, after a 9-5 of heated discussions and exciting negotiations, I’d whiz through rush hour traffic on my little scooter to a school-turned-study-center for learning all about hooks, headlines, and hands-on writing.

Was I working with a newspaper? Nope.

Was I working on a freelance assignment? Nuh-uh.

Was I applying to work at a media house or publication? Naaah. 😂

I was preparing myself.

For wielding words that counted.

For writing like it mattered.

For being a writer. ✍🏻

You don’t always need clients to call yourself a writer.

You already have your number one client – your business and you.

Every time our flagship sales strategy and copywriting program opens for enrollment, we field at least a few questions around “But I don’t have a client. Should I still join?”

Our answer is always YES.

Because you may not have a client today, tomorrow, or a month from now.


You’ll always have YOUR business to write for. 🙌🏼

Taking a website copywriting course? Write or rewrite your own home page.

Taking a mindset coaching course? Start reframing and taming your own hobgoblins.

Taking Ready-to-Sell? Write an opt-in page, a sales page, or a sales sequence for your offers.

FACT: When you treat your number one client (aka YOUR business) like royalty… they make it rain.

So, whether you’re considering Ready-to-Sell or any other program that you feel you don’t have the “clients” for… pause to consider this.

“Will this program help me prepare for the role I want?”

If yes, (and if your budget allows), go for it.

Athletes invest in training and coaches before they play even a single match.

Business executives pay obscene amounts of money for MBAs before they get head-hunted.

Actors spend hundreds of hours in auditions and thousands of dollars on acting classes before they make it to the big (or small) screen.

Because they know they need to back themselves before anyone else is willing to do that.

🎟 This is your permission slip to have your back and be your biggest fan.

💡This is your reminder to treat your business like your number one client. Always and forever.

Treat yourself like your #1 client is THE strategy to lean on when you want to grow your copywriting business.

Because when you treat yourself like a client, you ensure you get paid.

Ignoring your business isn’t a smart or sustainable strategy.

Now … this does not mean you tinker endlessly with your website or branding.

What it means is … you give your business the benefit of your skills and expertise. On a regular basis.

How to Grow Your Copywriting Business

How to Grow Your Copywriting Business By Treating It Like Your Number ONE Client

More importantly … how does this “pay” you like a client does?

Let’s peel the papaya …

Strategy #1: Do for yourself what you do for clients 💰

If you’re a website designer, design a stunning site for yourself.

If you’re a systems strategist, set up, ref,ine and optimize your systems.

If you’re a copywriter, write your copy like you’re being paid to do it because … you are!

When your own work shines with your expertise, it is easy for clients to trust you and hire you. FAST!

Strategy #2: When planning your capacity, schedule working on your business before you schedule client work 🗓

Hear us out on this one.

It’s easy to plug client work into a calendar first because it’s paying the bills.

BUT if you ignore working on your business … that client work? Can quickly go POOF!

SO when you sit down to do your project planning and capacity mapping … first, schedule those projects for your business.

Then, identify how much client work you can take on.

Strategy #3: Don’t overlook the small but significant steps you can take to treat your business like royalty 👑

We live in a culture of more, big, flashy. The small and yet meaningful is often overlooked.

Can you schedule an hour a day to work on your business? Maybe 30 minutes? Use that.

Can you send out 3 pitches a day? Or even one? Do that.

Can you record 1 video or write 1 tweet? Go for it.

You don’t always need a 30-day period to tackle that project.

Chip away at it in the pockets of time you do have.

Incremental actions add up. (sidenote: I love what James Clear says about 1% growth here)

Small steps can lead to big moves.

Consistency can create the impact you never knew you needed.

Your next steps?

Think about how YOU can make time for your business.

For our Intentionally Profitable clients, we do the heavy lifting by identifying not only what they should work on but also when.

One of the ways we treat our own business like our #1 client is deep work retreats. ​

For you, it may mean … Finding 60 minutes at the start of your day or 30 minutes at the end of a day

Give your business the gift of your attention, skill, and expertise.

On that note … here are THREE “sales seeds” you can sow today to reap a rich and profitable harvest 30-90 days from now!

The Single Strategy to Grow Your Copywriting Business in 2024 and Beyond

Grow Your Copywriting Business with “Sales Seeds” for a Profitable Quarter

🫘Sales Seed #1: Set Aside Time for CEO Work

Most of us stay in “solopreneur” mode — creating, delivering, doing.

When instead, we need to switch into CEO mode regularly — thinking, planning, strategizing.

Giving yourself a regular CEO hour/day (or better still .. CEO week!) means you sit yourself down and take a good look at your business, your platforms, your processes, and your offers.

Are you getting more conversions on a certain platform?

Are you losing sales because of a system gap?

Are your services updated?

Reviewing your numbers, systems, and processes, asking the hard questions, AND laying out the do-this-next roadmap needed give your business direction and clarity.

With regular CEO days, you can paint FOMO (and its buddy Comparisonitis!) out of the picture and instead focus on your needle movers.

Do this: Block time off for your CEO hour, day, or week. Outline the top 5 things you’ll accomplish in that time.

🫘Sales Seed #2: Schedule Sales Activities

Sales activities are ANY activities that bring sales.

Review your sales sources — referrals, pitching, social, ads, training, podcasts and hone in on your top 5.

From there, whittle them down to the top 3.

Then, narrow it down to Source #1.

Why do this?

Because even when weeks are SUPER packed, you want to focus on Source #1.

Marketing your business and services isn’t a job.

It’s not a one-and-done.

Profitable business owners treat marketing as a habit.

Whether they do it or a team member, it happens every day.

Treat marketing like brushing your teeth. Do it daily.

Do this: Identify your #1 Sales Source and use it once this week.

For instance, if referrals are your #1 source, email a past referral partner, thank them for sending clients your way, ask what they are booking currently, and share your updated services guide with them.

🫘Sales Seed #3: Evolve as an Expert

One of the best ways to sell more: be an expert at what you do. And if you’re already an “expert,” upgrade that expertise regularly.

Not only do you stay relevant, but you also race ahead because your skills are razor-sharp.

That’s one reason why when AI hit the copywriting scene …  Mayank and I not only invested in high-quality AI training but also updated Ready-to-Sell to include HOW to use AI as a strategist and copywriter.

💯Expertise is how you let your audience know you really listen to them.

💯Expertise is what superglues your connection to your audience.

💯Expertise is where you truly differentiate yourself from others.

How can you evolve as an expert?

Learn something new.

Revisit something you may have forgotten.

Teach something you’ve discovered and tested out.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to grow your copywriting business, it all comes down to being intentional about treating it like your number one client.

It means monitoring the metrics that matter, nurturing sales sources, and upgrading your expertise.

When you do that, you’ll be shocked at how “easy” it can be to have a profitable business that can weather economic storms and ride the seas of change.

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