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The last year {yes, am already referring to 2014 as the last year!} has been one where I have nourished my self , inside and out, in business and in life.

It wasn’t surprising.

I chose NOURISH as my word of the year and everything I did centered on whether or not it nourished my life, in one way or the other.

As I spent the last few weeks reflecting and reviewing and thinking about what would be my word for 2015, one word kept coming back to me – Growth.

It just felt like a natural “next step”. The nourishing is done, now it is time to grow, spread my branches, extend my roots, reach out of my comfort zone, because now I have the strength I need.

However, I want that the growth should not be at the cost of my peace of mind and my core values.

It must be growth that is peace-filled, intentional and oriented by our love for family and faith.

So, I began looking for resources to help me grow as a parent, a woman, a wife, a business owner.

If, like me, you’re committing to a year of greater growth without sacrificing your sanity or integrity, you should bookmark this, since I will be updating it through the year,  and most definitely check out of a few of the resources.

I’ve chosen a few.  I don’t believe in overwhelming myself and this is doable for me. Because the key is not in just getting a resource to guide you but to take the time out to apply what I learn as well. Only then will growth happen. Right?

Grow Your Business+Your Self Resources

  1. LIVE:: Creating a Life You Love

This 12-month eCourse is the perfect way to start the year. A year that’ll inspire you to “live” and bring you in touch with experts from 12 different areas of living- focus, love, community, simplify, rest, explore and so much more. Mandi Ehman, a dear friend and a blogger I’ve admired for long, is joined with 11 other experts in helping us live a life of intention, growth, peace and clarity. Just what’s needed.

The fact that it’s spread across 12 months makes it perfect to take in, absorb and apply without getting overwhelmed with it all.

The fact that it’s “taught” by  mothers, wives, women with their own struggles and journeys to share and draw from makes it more accessible, relatable and best of all, doable.

If you’d like a year of living with intention, clarity and inspiration, I highly recommend LIVE.

2. Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt

Another course that’s by someone I truly admire for living a life of integrity and being successful without sacrificing values and ideals, Best Year Ever is a course I have been lucky enough to “test” out.

Packed with Michael’s characteristic wisdom that’s easy to digest and most importantly, apply, this is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to do more, be more productive and yet peace-filled. I’d recommend starting with the amazingly helpful FREE videos Michael has created for you or the FREE Best Year Ever PDF that shares success strategies of over 20 industry leaders!

Get access to the free videos here or download the FREE and seriously inspiring and actionable PDF that outlines that strategies super successful people use to prepare for the New Year.

3. bizplantastic by Karen Gunton

Karen’s bizplantastic is a digital planner aka brainstorm buddy aka menu planning magician and so much more for this mom entrepreneur. I print out her sheets when I need to map out a product launch or plan 4 weeks of menus in one go.

Pretty yet not distracting, practical yet not boring and perfect for someone who likes flexibility and doesn’t want to print out but just what’s needed.

This digital planner will inspire you, excite you and keep you focused as you plan a year that’s filled with growth and intention. I used it last year and unlike many other planners that I’ve discarded as I’ve become clearer about what I want, I’ll continue to use this one along with my new found paper planner love- the Passion Planner.

Download your copy of bizplantastic for simplifying and streamlining your planning all through the year.

My Personal “Grow Your Business” Resources by Me

Because I’m in the unique position of being a business owner, a mom, a wife and a woman who values her time and her energy levels, I’ve often looked for and not found resources to meet my needs or those of fellow business owners. As a result, I’ve created those resources to fulfill my own desire to be more intentional, focused and fueled.

These are all resources created by me and loved by SO many more:

The ABCD of Social Media1. Social Spread: A Year’s Worth of Social Media Updates for Less than a Dollar a Day

THIS has to be one of THE most FUN things I’ve ever created and am absolutely blown away by the response.

The Social Spread is a virtual feast of 600+ ready-to-use updates that you can simply copy and paste or tweak ever so slightly and use on any of your social networks. Consistent posting is key to growing your community and while we’d all love to post regularly, truth is we don’t have the time. Right?

Social Spread makes that easy for you.

You get photo templates, quotes, questions, fill in the blanks, blog post sharing, lead generation, product and service updates ALL done-for-you. A one-time buy. Easy, effortless and totally in sync with what you need: more time, more engagement, more impact.

Check it out here and yep, take action to grow your community, one social media update at a time.

Create awesome communities with great content. learn how!

2. Content Cookbook: Step-by-Step Recipes to Create Social Content That Engages and Builds Communities.

THIS is my signature program. It is seriously everything I know about creating content that builds brands, engagement and your business.

If you want to grow your presence, get more results from social media, have an engaged community, you need Content Cookbook. It is packed with step-by-step social content creation recipes AND you get one-on-one access to me and a community of other fellow content chefs in the Content Café, a private mastermind group.

So, if you’re committed to getting more engagement, a better brand presence and do it all with content that resonates with YOU and your community, download Content Cookbook now.

supercharge your productivity as a mom and business owner

3. Productivity 2.0: More Impact, Less Effort

I’ve always been intentional about my time and my energy levels. As someone who’s recently discovered that she’s an HSP {Highly Sensitive Person} too, it’s become all the more important that as I focus on growth, I conserve my energy and efforts for the truly important things in life.

Productivity 2.0 is my story of how when overwhelm overcame me, I stepped back and set up systems that served my best interests as a mom, wife, woman and entrepreneur. That allowed me to get things done without losing my sanity or sleep.

If you want to grow your business by supercharging your productivity without getting frazzled and frantic, this is your resource.

start your work from home journey with intention

4. How to be a Work-at-Home Mom: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life

I wrote this 70-page guide because when I was starting out as a work-from-home mom I had NO clue what to do, where to start, and when business started growing, I needed help setting up systems so my home and family life wouldn’t fall to pieces.

This book is everything that I wished for and couldn’t find. It is packed with everything I did to create, set up, and successfully manage home and business.

Tips, tools, templates, every.single.thing.

Not just that, it has interviews with other successful work from home mamas to help you get even more clarity and direction with your schedule, strategy and systems. Download your copy now.

Social Sizzle  for a sizzling social media strategy! Download it FREE!!

5. Social Sizzle: The 5 Ingredients for a Social Media Strategy that Sizzles

This is a FREE {for now} eBook that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to streamline their social media strategy so that it’s engaging and authentic to themselves, their communities and their brands.

Brimming with ingredients that your strategy needs and case studies to show you these in action, this eBook will help you create sizzle to grow your community online.

Are YOU committing to growing your self, your business, your brand, your community this year?  

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