Get More Customers Day 8 Tip

Today’s strategy to help you increase sales is all about getting into the minds of your customers and answering their questions.

How can they contact you?  

What do they do should they need a refund or return?  

How long does it take for products to be shipped out?  

Do your services come with advance payment policies?  

Yes, these are just some of the questions that your customers may have and that you have to answer even before they ask so that they don’t go away looking for a business that does have the answers.

Your FAQ page must cover all possible questions in a prospective customer or client’s mind.  

FAQs are a smart way to allay fears and answer questions in a hesitant buyer’s mind.

Customers who land on your site for the very first time need to be 110% sure that they wouldn’t get ripped off and sometimes, if they’re an introvert like me, they don’t want to pick up the phone or write an email to get answers.

Enter… the FAQs page.

Today’s sales-boosting, customer-getting strategy is about revamping your FAQs page and if you don’t have one {gasp!} then getting it in place.

Here is a quick-as-curry version of writing your FAQs so they seal the deal and get the sale:

1. Make sure ALL common and really, “frequently” asked questions are answered. Think back to ALL the questions you get from customers on a regular basis. Answer them. 

Remember the #GetMoreCustomers Day 3 strategy? Go back there and see what questions did they have. Answer those.

2. Use the FAQ page to connect with customers and make it easy for them to connect with you. Have an email sign up box, social media icons and your email address as well on there. 

3. Ask someone who fits your “delight-to-serve” customer profile to review your FAQ page and see if everything has been answered.

Share your FAQ page with us in The Biz Bistro or tag @contentbistro on Instagram and let us take a peek at it!

Tomorrow, we’re going to be blinging things up. Sounds fun? You bet it is.  

Head here tomorrow for Day 9 of the 31 Day Get More Customers challenge.

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 Increase Your Sales with the FAQ Fix

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