Get More Customers Day 6

You know how they say that to get some, you gotta give some. 

Well, that’s true even for your sales and customers.

If you want to get more customers and increase sales, you need to give away “sales” too.  

That’s right.

Today’s Get More Customers strategy is all about giving things away.

We’re talking product samples and giveaways.  

According to reports, free product samples have been known to increase sales from 300 percent to 2000 percent! NO kidding.

Today’s challenge to YOU is to figure out who you can send free samples to. Make a list of about 10 to 15 people. Email them to find out if they’d be interested in the sample. Unsolicited samples are often ignored or worse, trashed. Don’t pressurize them for a review.

Yes, may sound counter productive {and we will do reviews but not now!} but trust me on this one. Just tell them you’d like to send them a gift. If they review it fine, it they don’t, that’s okay too.


Because if your product is good, they WILL talk about it. That’s normal human psychology. We like to share and support the good stuff that doesn’t come with strings attached. 😉

If you don’t have a product, consider doing a giveaway for one of your services or reach out to 2-3 people who may be a good fit for one of your services, and offer it to them as a gift. Better still, send out a gift card for your services in the mail or via email to some of your prospects.

That’s it.

Give it away and watch it come back in the form of an increase in sales and more customers.

Don’t forget to share how YOU will be giving it away with us in The Biz Bistro or tag @contentbistro on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #GetMoreCustomers and share.  

Head back tomorrow for a saucy sales-boosting strategy again.

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