Get More Customers by Getting to Know your Peeps

Today’s Get More Customers Challenge is all about… yes, customers.

It’s about getting to know who you serve or create products for.

We call them our “delight-to-serve” customers. These are the people who are the reason we’ve created a product or provide a service. Working with them lights up our life, keeps the passion pumping and brings great results. They’re the customers who buy your products and then, talk about them to everyone.

You want MORE of them. Right?

Let’s get to work, then.

Look over your past customers list and pick out the 5, 10 or 15 customers who really stand out as being brand ambassadors for you. Maybe, they’ve bought repeatedly for you, sent you an email letting you know how much they love your stuff, sent referrals to you.

Whatever it may be, you’ll know who they are when you look at your past customers list. Now send them a short 3- question survey. You can go really deep and use the questions that we use in the Content Cookbook, but if not, then these 3 will give you plenty of insight.

Ask them:

::What do they love the most about your products/services?

::What do they wish would be better? Tell them to be brutally honest here.

:: What are the 3 {your niche}-related things they’re struggling with the most? Why do they think they’re struggling with them?

If you don’t have any “delight-to-serve” customers you can reach out to prospects who fit the bill and do a similar exercise. Remember to thank your survey participants by giving them either a gift card or a special product/service.

The survey responses will help you to showcase your product/service benefits better so others will want to buy them, fix the things that don’t work right now and most importantly, tell you exactly what you “delight-to-serve” customers need and want more of.

So, you know the drill. Go over your customer database. Pick people who’re closest to who you want to do all your business with. Reach out to them with your 3-question survey. Record their responses and really understand them. Use their responses to increase sales. Simple.

Remember to share your learning or your progress with us in The Biz Bistro or on Facebook and Instagram by tagging @contentbistro and using the #getmorecustomers hashtag!

Tomorrow, we’re going to make it insanely easy for customers to buy from you. That’s right. It’s going to be fun.

So, head on over here tomorrow for Day 4 of this 31 Day Get More Customers Challenge.

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