Get More Customers Day 26 tip

How would you like to have every single customer make multiple purchases with you every time they shop?

A lot, right?

I know!

It’s totally possible.

The question is how do you make it super-simple, easy and in fact, a total no-brainer for them to fill up their virtual cart with a ton of products from your store?

By giving them incentives.

That’s right.

Remember how your Mom would tell you you’d get an extra scoop of ice-cream if you put out the laundry AND cleaned your room?

Or how YOU tell your kids that they can have dessert if they finish their veggies AND clear their plates?  You don’t? I totally do;)

Incentives in action.

Getting multiple actions done at one time with one single reward.

How can YOU get more customers by incentivizing the sale?

Letting them know that they qualify for free shipping if they add $20 worth of items to their cart as well. All it would take is your developer to add a bit of code to make this magic happen!

Show them that they can shave $40 off the total bill if they bundle a couple of things together.

Highlight that they can save 10% if they buy the package deal instead of the standalone items.

Incentivize the multiple sales by giving them savings, specials, steals!

Your Get More Customers challenge for today is to think about how YOU would increase multiple sales in a single transaction today.

Have a cloth nappy boutique? Think about bundling nappies with wipes in a package.

Have a jewelry boutique? Consider offering earrings with a matching bracelet.

Own a photography studio? Consider offering multiple sessions through the year at a package price.

Manage a toy store? Your options are seriously unlimited!!

There you go. Make multiple sales easy and effortless.

Share with us in The Biz Bistro how you’d be doing these or tag @contenttbistro on Instagram with the #getmorecustomers hashtag and share away.

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