Get More Customers Day 25

The stats are in.

The writing is on the wall.

Video is here to stay and you need to pay attention to it, if you haven’t already.

Whether you have a product-based business or a service-oriented one, videos will help you form a personal connection with customers and help them learn more about what you do and have to offer.

Now will be a good time for me to make a confession and hope that some of you may relate with it as well….

I haven’t done a video post in like, forever. And yes, we are blessed with a business that makes us a full-time income and then some. So, if you aren’t doing videos, it doesn’t mean that your business or blog wouldn’t take off.

My “reason” for not doing video is that I feel I sound funny. There you have it.

But since I’m doing this challenge with YOU as much as I’m doing it for you… here’s my promise. I will be adding a video to all my sales pages by early November.

Now here’s my Get More Customers challenge to you.

Do your product pages have a video tutorial on using the product?

Do your service pages talk about what benefits your services will have?

Does your social have video as a strategy?  Think video blog posts?

If not, let’s change it ASAP!

If you do, then, it’s time to check whether it really is in sync with your brand and who you are and also, if you’re really leveraging those videos by sharing them on the right platforms.

For instance, upload the video native to Facebook, pop it up on YouTube, embed it in a blog post.

Don’t just slap it up on a product or service page and expect it to do magic.

Now, if you’re asking yourself… Prerna, this all very nice but how do I get started?

Here are two handy resource guides from the experts:

9 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video by Kissmetrics

The Ultimate Guide to Social Video Marketing by Sprout Social

You know what to do next.

Share whether you have a video or not in The Biz Bistro and how you’ll be amping it up to boost sales.

Missed a challenge? Play catch up with ALL the Get More Customers challenges right here.

93 marketers use video for online marketing, sales, communication. [source reelnreel]

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