Get More Customers Day 23 tip

Want to know what makes me decide on a purchase when I’m shopping for birthday gifts and Christmas presents?

Free gift wrapping.

No kidding!!

Honestly, I hate giftwrapping. I can never do it right and make presents pretty.

So, I’m always extra grateful when a store offers complimentary gift wrapping!

With the holidays around the corner, my #GetMoreCustomers strategy for you today is to think about offering complimentary giftwrapping to your customers.

Or better still, accompany it with a lovely note too. Bonus brownie points!

It hardly costs much and if you have someone on your team who’s a whiz with wrapping, you’re covered!

You can also consider offering readymade gift packages that come beautifully packed and have a combination of items that are designed to delight.

Psychologically, too, beautiful packaging has the power to trigger buying in consumers even with no intention to make a purchase. [source: Psychology and Marketing]

Powerful, right?

Forest Essentials is a brand I love and use regularly and I love that they have some amazing gift boxes, beautifully packaged, that I can simply pick and gift.

Melissa Camilleri’s Compliment is another awesome brand that has some gorgeous, inspiring packaging.

Andrea Kelly’s stunning jewelry from Jewelry by Andrea is packaged thoughtfully in a specially hand-picked silk pouch!

It’s easy. It’s pretty. It’s a no-brainer, really. 😉

Think about it.

Can you offer gift wrapping, pre-packaged gift sets or personalized notes?

Even if you have a service, like personal styling or yoga sessions or photography, you can think about offering “Gift-a-Session” packages or collaborate with a brand that has a physical product and bundle your offerings together.



High on engagement!

Ready to implement it?

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