Get More Customers Day 22

Are YOU using engaged email marketing?

In the last challenge, we focused on creating an amazing email opt-in to help build your list. And I sure hope you’ve at least whipped up an idea for an opt-in if not nailed the dish completely.

Today, it’s about really reaching out to your email list.

You have no idea how many businesses I know of who have a list but haven’t emailed them in ages. Or if they have sent them an email it has only been to inform them of a sale.

Do you have an email list that hasn’t felt the love from you?

If so, you need to change that ASAP.


Communicating with your community either via social or in this case, email is vital to keeping that connection alive.

You need to let them know you care and that they matter, especially when you don’t have anything to sell to them.

You need to stay top of their minds when they’re in the market for the product or service you offer.

Most importantly, emails build the “know-like-trust” relationship and bring customers knocking to your door.

So, on that note, here are 4 easy ways to create an engaged email marketing strategy to sizzle up those sales right away.

Get More Customers with an Engaged Email Marketing Strategy

1. Email Your Customers Sharing Your Story

Have you shared your story behind your business with your list?

Email them today talking about your why and your vision.

Doing so builds connection, establishes trust and more importantly, gives them a glimpse of the person behind the brand.

2. Send an Email Showcasing Happiness and Achievements

How about emailing your list with a success story from one of your clients? Or a testimonial from one of your customers? Or one of your personal accomplishments?

They are wonderfully fuzzy feelings to share and build instant emotional connection with the reader.

3. Email Rewards and Recognition

Want to spread some love to a list you haven’t connected with in a while?

Thank them for being on there with a reward, like an exclusive special just for them.

4. Encourage Engagement

Finally, encourage your email list to engage with you.

Calls-to-action like “reply to me” or “share on Facebook” are simple, easy and effortless ways for readers to continue staying connected with you and to keep in mind that there’s a real person behind the brand who values them.

Your #GetMoreCustomers strategy today is to choose one of these email engagement techniques and apply them. Do it.

Share with me in The Biz Bistro which one will you be applying or tag @contentbistro on Instagram and share!

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