Get More Customers day 20

“Would you like to hear the specials?”

“The specials tonight are…”

“Check out our season specials this week only!”

Nearly every single restaurant Mayank and I visit tempt us with their specials. Nearly always do I order something from the special menu whenever it’s presented.

The reason is simple. It’s special, one-of-a-kind and triggers your brain to believe you’re special too. And really, who doesn’t like feeling special!

Today’s Get More Customers strategy is all about offering your own specials.

At Content Bistro, we offer a Special of the Month, every month that includes an all-out-awesome and not yet- advertised offering at a marked down price for all our readers and customers.

So, yes, service providers TOO can offer specials of the week or month.

How to Use Specials to Increase Sales

The idea behind using specials is to draw attention to products or services that may have gotten a little lost in the crowd or to launch a new offering, or simply to boost sales.

In either case, the principle behind specials should remain the same : get your more customers, fast!

Here’s a few different ideas on offering specials to boost sales:

1. Bundle products or service offerings and offer a special price on them for a limited time.

2. Create a custom offering for a limited time and a limited number of people.

3. Offer a special price only on one product for the week or month. I’d go for week because urgency plays a part in increasing conversions.

4. Offer a special on a category of products for a limited time. For instance, marking down all Christmas décor products right after holiday craziness is over.

5. Have seasonal specials. For instance, in summer, a kids store can offer specials on swimwear and beach toys to boost sales of these season-specific products.

Share your specials with your customers on social media, via your blog and of course, spotlight them on your website as well.

Your #GetMoreCustomers strategy for today is to choose ONE product or service that you can offer a special on for this month and share it with us in The Biz Bistro so we can promote it too!

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