Get More Customers Day 18 tip

Business cards are passé.

Or are they?

Honestly, I disagree when people say that the world is digital and we no longer need business cards.

I say that we need business cards that stand out in a digital world.

That’s right.

Your business card is like a mini sales brochure. Think of it as an appetizer, if you will.

It gives a prospect a teeny taste of what your brand is all about.

In fact, statistics show that sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out. {source: Applied Designs}

Today’s Get More Customers strategy is all about leveraging our business cards and using them to boost our sales.

So before you toss out that idea of never using a business card, here is how you can  turn the humble card into a conversion machine.

1. Make your card stand out. Whether it is the colour, the material, the styling or the purpose, make sure your card is a conversation starter.

At the Problogger conference I attended, I got a bunch of cards. The ones that stood out the most to me were

Finlee and Me: made of wood {really!!} with cheery colours. Signified the brand’s commitment to wooden toys and inspiring play and learning.

2015-08-18 11.29.49

Kate Toon: a cookie. Honestly. The yummiest card ever as you can clearly see!! It had “I love SEO” iced on it. Signified Kate’s SEO Recipe eCourse and was totally on brand.

Liss Letters: colouring pages. FUN!! She even had a small stash of colouring pencils to go with it. SO gorgeous. Signified her hand lettering art products and services brilliantly.

You get the point, right? Cards that were made to stand out did their jobs beautifully. Now whenever I need to think of someone in these niches, guess whose names will pop up first? Yeah, right.

2. Make your cards cheery and bright or stylishly elegant. Whatever you do, don’t be boring.

Visiting Cards

We recently got our cards redesigned to match our fresh new branding and love the gorgeous cheery orange colour and the fresh “Hello” on the front of the card.

3. Turn the card into a rewards card.

Club the Referral tip with this one and add a special referral bonus on the card itself. For instance, something fun on the back that says, “It was so fun to meet you! We’d love to stay in touch. Use FUNMEET to get free shipping/product from our store!”

4. Hand out those cards.

No seriously. I’m guilty of this one as well. I meet people and tell them what I do and always forget to hand them a card. I’m getting better at it though. But do this. Don’t just order cards and forget about them in a desk drawer. Okay? 😉

Alright then. There you have it! Nice and easy ways to use your business card to build connections and increase sales.

Do YOU have a business card? Share a pic of it with us on Instagram by tagging @contentbistro and using the #GetMoreCustomers hashtag. We’ll pick a winner at the end of 31 Days and they’ll get a super cool prize pack from us!

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