Get More Customers Day 14 tip

Today’s Get More Customers tip is all about staying in touch and how it helps you to increase your sales.

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When was the last time you connected with a past client?

Or called up a customer who’d bought regularly from you but hasn’t in the recent months?

Mmm… yeah. I know.

It’s funny how we keep working on getting more customers but easily forget to stay connected to the ones who already like us, know us and most importantly, trust us.

Your sales-boosting challenge for today is to call up, email or message a past client or customer and just check in with them. Let them know what’s new with your biz and find out how they’re doing.

Maybe you’ve changed directions.

Maybe you’ve launched a new product or service offering.

Maybe they’ve had another baby and forgot that you sell cloth nappies to rock their world.

Maybe their email was hacked and they lost all the contacts they had and forgot about you altogether!

Yes, we all have a TON going on and it’s easy to forget.

Make it your mission to stay connected with past customers. Period.

It’s a super simple {and fun!} way of staying in people’s minds and being the first name they think of when they think of a product or service that you offer.

That’s it. ONE person. I’ll give you extra brownies {points} if you email or connect with more than one, but let’s shoot for ONE person.

Check in with us in The Biz Bistro to share how you’re going with the 31 Days challenge so far. Or tag @contentbistro on Instagram and use the #GetMoreCustomers hashtag to let us know as well.

Tomorrow is an ALL OUT ACTION day so you can spend the time you’ve scheduled to work on these tips to catch up, knock off any tasks that you haven’t been able to and get ready for phase 2 of the challenge.


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