Get More Customers Challenge Day 1

#GetMoreCustomers {Day 1}: Are YOU Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Customers and Clients?

Let’s kick off this 31 Day Challenge to help you skyrocket sales by asking an important, yet oft-forgotten question: Are you welcoming customers the right way?

Think about it this way…When you have guests come over, you want to make sure that your foyer and living room are presentable, right?

Because these are the first 2 areas {and usually the only ones!} they’ll see and use. The rest of the house can wait. At least, that’s how it’s usually for me 😉

Any way… the same is true for your business.

You need to make sure that the first “room” that your customers see is stunning, welcoming and invites them in.

This is your home page. That’s right.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, “For 21 of the 25 sites studied, the home page is the most viewed part of the site.”

According to Hubspot, while every website is different, the home page is one of the most important {and most visited} pages of a website.

So, now that you now it’s important and that you need to make it as welcoming and inviting as possible, here’s your #GetMoreCustomers strategy of the day:

Open up your site’s home page. Take a good hard look at it.

Answer the following questions:

Is it super easy to understand what your business is all about?

A solid headline or visual – image or video along with the most important information about your business should be there.

Is it visually appealing? Or does it look like you’ve just thrown a bunch of stuff you think should be on there?

Does it have an easy way for a prospect to know what to do next?

Does it have a clear, specific call-to-action? Your home page can have several calls-to-action. You can invite people to sign up to your newsletter, welcome them to your store or your blog and ask them to join you on social media.

Make sure that your call-to-action areas are well-designed and stand out.

Need an example? Here’s one:

Beryl Ayn Young: Beryl helps moms figure out their cameras to take pictures they’ll love to look at, capture moments that become memories and do it all with ease. One look at her home page and you know exactly what her business is all about.



Your #GetMoreCustomers challenge for the day is to review your home page and make a list of things that you can fix. If they’re easy fixes do them NOW. Else come back to the list on Day 15, that’s Action-Only day ;). That’s it.

Want More Customers Do This ONE Thing to Skyrocket Sales {Free Challenge}

If you feel stuck or aren’t sure you’re looking at it right, ask in The Biz Bistro. Remember to use the #GetMoreCustomers hashtag when sharing your discovery, learning and progress on Instagram or Facebook, because prizes!!;)

Tomorrow, we’ll fix the 2nd most important page on your website so that browsers turn into buyers. Excited? I am too!

Now, head over to review and fix your home page and share with me in the comments!

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