Is Your Business a Porridge?

Is your business enjoying a steady stream of sales?

Do your customers come back to you, time and again?

Or are you watching the competition do all of this and wonder what they know that you don’t? Do they have a secret ingredient? A master recipe?

The secret to getting more business, increasing sales, boosting customer loyalty is as simple as A-B-C.  In fact, it is… U

Umm.. Not as in “U” the letter, but as in:

U for Unique,

U for Unusual,

U for “YOU”.

The thing is, everywhere, I look I see businesses becoming as bland as porridge. There is no spice, no energy, no enthusiasm in doing what they do.

And that, my friend, is a BIG, fat mistake.

Don’t blend in. Don’t shy away. Don’t be who you aren’t. Don’t, for the love of food, be a porridge!

It’s okay to be an exotic dancer-turned-business coach.

It’s okay to showcase your talents in improvisational comedy with your knowledge about social media.{thank you Helen for this}

It’s okay to be crazily, abundantly generous and yet, make $600k/year.

It’s okay to give awesome business advice and not use capitals.

It’s okay to be a Sufi healer who gives amazing business advice too. {thank you Karen!}

It’s okay to offer social media and content services blended with a love for food. {ahem!}

It’s okay. Be YOU. And you’ll see how business doubles or even, triples.  Because NO ONE {and repeat after me, NO ONE} wants a copy, an imitation, a knock-off.

Dig In and Eat Up!

Ready to get more business? Simply feasting your eyes on the table wouldn’t fill you up, right? So, simply reading a post and thinking about it wouldn’t make a difference to your business. You’ve gotta dig in and eat up!

This week, I want you to do the following 3 things to see an instant improvement in your business:

  1. Make a list of all the businesses that you know of in your niche and why are they special.
  2. Next, make a list of every.single.thing that sets YOU apart from them. Don’t just think about the usual stuff – expertise, social proof, experience, etc. Think out of the box. Why are you, “U”?  Look at the examples above for inspiration.
  3. Write down 5 ways that you can infuse that “U”-ness in your business.

Want more steps and strategies to get your U-ness to shine? Feeling the thrill course through you at the thought of finally being able to be yourself AND build your business? I’m accepting 4 applications for my Burstin-with-Flavor 1:1 Workshops for October, where you and I will work together to create a social media or content strategy that will not only supercharge your business but also, be 100% YOU. No group coaching. No waiting to ask a question. Just you and me. 60-minutes, 3 times a month, recorded calls, accountability follow up and most importantly, a business that is spicy, hot, sizzling and anything but porridge. Click here to get all the yummy deets and sign up here. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Spengler