How to Get More Blog Traffic: How One Blogger Went From 17K Pageviews to 350K+ In 9 Months {and YOU Can Too!}

Do you find yourself Googling “How to get more blog traffic?

Have you ever wished that you could increase the number of readers for the posts you so lovingly and painstakingly craft?

Are you tired or maybe embarrassed of the fact that your mom and your best friend are the only two people who visit your blog?

You aren’t alone.

Blogging is tough.

Blogging can be challenging.

Blogging can make you want to throw the towel {or laptop!} in more than once!

But at the same time, blogging can be THE most brilliant way to share your message and reach thousands or as in Lena’s case hundreds of thousands.

Meet Lena. She’ll Show You How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog, Faster Than Superman


Lena Gott is someone who I’ve known for ages.

She’s smart. She’s willing to put the hard work in. She’ll willing to try and fail and still try again.

THAT, my friends, is the hallmark of someone who will be successful.

But any way, the real reason I want you to meet Lena today is because this girl took her blog from 17,000 pageviews {which by the way is pretty awesome as well!} to a whopping 400,000+ and counting pageviews in a span of 10 months.

That’s right.

Less than a year.

#Mindblown, is right. 😉

Not just that, she willingly and generously put together an eBook that documents her traffic-boosting strategies and what worked as well as what didn’t.

Lena is the blogger behind What Mommy Does and her eBook is Traffic Transformation: 21 Strategies I Used to Go from 17K+ Pageviews to 400K+ Pageviews in 10 Months

What You’ll Learn from this Traffic-Boosting Blogger

Lena shares not just the stuff she did but also the stuff she didn’t.

Her approach is super practical and she breaks down everything into bite-sized steps so you can follow along and implement them too.

THAT is what rocks my world 😉

Anyway, coming back to what I learnt and you would too from Lena is:

  • Narrowing your focus and determining your look so you don’t waste time and look professional as well
  • What tasks are low payback and don’t work or didn’t work
  • How to ensure that sharing on Facebook actually works for your blog traffic
  • Leveraging networks like, Stumbleupon and Google+
  • Using keywords to create content that brings organic traffic
  • How to replicate your successful posts for even more traffic
  • Testing newer methods like slides, can lead to some great traffic surges
  • And SO much more.

My Personal Traffic-Boosting Takeaways

I’m excited about using Lena’s  traffic boosting tips, especially the ones about using Stumbleupon and slides and interactive content on the blog.

So, yeah, if you see fun quizzes on this blog soon, you know who to thank! 😉

Also, I agree with Lena one hundred percent that keywords and writing quality content is key. In fact, Lena now has a step-by-step keyword research tutorial in Traffic Transformation as well!!

As someone who helps businesses get 40% or sometimes, 60% of their traffic from Google, I know that can be done and that it is pretty awesome because these are all people who’re looking for exactly what you have to offer.

I love Lena’s tips and while I’m on board with ALL of them, there is ONE that I’m not in agreement with 😉 Sorry, Lena!

That’s classifying guest blogging as a low payback task for bloggers. As someone who built The Mom Writes up to a full-time income-generating blog and Content Bistro to a 6-figure business, I have to say, guest blogging has played a HUGE role in my journey.

Not only has it added valuable backlinks to my sites, it’s helped me get thousands of new readers who’re looking for just the content I’m offering them. So, yeah, guest blogging is what I back all.the.time and recommend to all my blog coaching clients as well.

Okay, then! 😉

With that out of the way, I have to say, that Lena’s “get more traffic” eBook is perfect for anyone who wants to get more blog traffic and readers without spending a dime on advertising or other such methods.

I can guarantee that if you use even half of her tips and traffic-boosting strategies, you will see your pageviews increase, subscriber rate climb up and finally, be able to have more than just your mom read and share your posts. Yay!!

Click here to get your copy so you can bid abysmal traffic a cheery goodbye! 

Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of Lena’s eBook to share our unbiased view, which clearly we’ve done ;). If you buy using the links in this post, you contribute to our latte fund {thank you!} but you don’t have to pay anything extra.