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For today’s episode of The CopyGredients, let’s talk… Launches!!

First… what do I mean when I say, “launches”.

Launches are the big reveal, the “rockstar” introduction of your digital product or your service to a targeted, interested audience.

It is when you give folks a chance to buy your eBook, eCourse, service from you, usually for a limited time and/or at a special price.

Launches can be either big or small.

They can be for digital products or done-for-you services.

They can be scheduled once a year, once a quarter or even, once a month, depending on what you’re launching.

Yes, launches are the lifeblood of most online entrepreneurs and can be a source of great success or great stress. 😉

As someone who’s been through her fair share of launches for self and clients, there is ONE thing I know for certain…

Launches are a TON of work, especially if you aren’t hyper-organized.

So, being a checklistaholic, I have for you, today, a powerful Launch Copywriting Checklist that will give you the key copy elements you must have in place for shockingly successful and remarkably stress-free launches.

This checklist is based straight on my Fully Loaded Launch Copy service {that I charge $6K for} but you, my sweets, will get it for FREE. FREE.FREE!!

PLUS, because I’m ruled by the need to over-deliver, today’s CopyGredients has a cool video laying out the 5 must-have for launch copy strategy that I’ve personally used and the launch copy elements you need in place.

PLUS, when you pop in those sweet details below and hit the “I want money-making launches” button, you’ll get a powerful launch copy checklist straight in your inbox, signed, sealed and FREE so you can print it out, keep it handy and never launch again without copy-confidence, ever.

The Ultimate Launch Copywriting Checklist for Money-Making, Attention-Grabbing Launches without Burning Holes in your Brain or Your Budget

Here’s what I’m talking about in the launch copy checklist:

Attract and Build the Buzz Stage

In this stage, you’re getting ready to warm up the audience to your offer and more importantly to YOU as an expert for the topic.

Being the foodie that I am, I like to think of this stage as the amuse-bouche stage, where you tease the palate of your customers, gratis or free of cost.

Here are the 5 must-have copy elements that you need in place for your pre-launch stage:

1. Authority-Building Blog/Podcast/Video Content

This is the copy you need to create to establish your authority. This can be blog content, video posts or podcast episodes. Being a copywriter and content creator, I place a lot of emphasis on blog posts and that’s what I focus on for my launches and my clients’ launches.

2. Lead Generating Opt-in Page and Thank You Page

This your opt-in page where prospects can sign up to be a part of your free training that, ideally, must be linked to the product that you’ll be selling.

For instance, if you’re selling a course on creating courses, your opt-in or free training can be the must-have tools for stress-free course creation.

Your opt-in page MUST also have a compelling thank you page that welcomes and thanks everyone who signs up and also lets them know what they need to do next – check their email for the confirmation or freebie, schedule dates in their calendar if it’s a webinar that you’re offering and/or join your free group on Facebook or Slack as well as share the offering on social.

3. Sizzling with Sass Social Media Updates

Social media is a launch sweetheart.


Because using social during the pre-launch stage gives you the perfect platform to establish your expertise, credibility and lay the ground for what’s coming next with unbelievable ease.

Your social media updates during the pre-launch stage must spotlight your expertise, talk about the free training/resources that you’re offering and also, build a solid relationship with your community.

Engage, connect, interact, humanize… Honestly, you should be doing that on a regular basis in any case, but if you want to launch using social media as a platform, I recommend you start using social media to be social right away.

4. Engagement-rich Emails

They money’s in the list or so they say.

Before you think about the money, you most definitely want to engage with your list.

What should you write in those emails? Watch the video above to understand the 5 launch copy strategy must-haves and it’ll give you an idea!

5. Attract them Right with Ad Copy

This one may be considered an optional. Why? Well, because until last year, I’d never used ads for launches and they did exceedingly well.

But using Facebook ads for launches makes the whole process a LOT easier. I credit Sold Out Launch for this light bulb moment.

So, since we are talking about the stress-free, successful launch, I have to include Facebook ad copy in it as well.

At this stage, though you’d want ad copy that shares your free training/resources AKA Opt-in, your authority-building content and your personal brand.

Doing so will, as my friend, mentor, client and creator of Sold Out Launch, Bushra Azhar says, make you a familiar face in Facebook feeds.

Call-to-Action and Delight Stage

This is the stage where you keep up the buzz but you lay on the call-to-action and invite people to buy your offer.

This is the exciting bit where everything that you did in the “amuse-bouche” stage leads to the “fine dining” stage where you layout the “menu” and woo their wallets. Yes, I’m hopeless… I can find a food reference anywhere.

Here are the 5 copy elements you need for the call-to-action and delight stage:

1. Sales Page

It is no secret, I deeply LOVE sales pages. I’d shared this in my last post as well… But here’s the bottomline: You need a sales page that packs a powerful 1-2 punch. One, it highlights the pain or struggle your audience is facing and two, it gives them your solution as the best solution for that struggle.

The sales page is the clincher. It is your “salesperson” and it MUST do the job in a way that woos wallets into opening unresistingly.

Grab the FREE CopyGredients Sales Page Copywriting Checklist so you can create a sales page that makes money and not expensive mistakes.


2. Sales Emails

Once the sales page is LIVE… in launch terminology it means, the cart is OPEN.

Now, you need emails to send to the list of people who’d signed up for your free training and if you want, to the rest of the list as well.

Put simply, you need a launch email sequence and at the very least, your launch sequence must have a sales email and at least 3 -4 follow up emails sharing different unignorable aspects of your offer and also, emphasizing urgency.

3. Social Media Posts

If in the ‘amuse-bouche’ stage your updates engaged, empathized and entertained, in the ‘woo-wallets’ stage, your updates must of course, talk about your offer but also, your success stories, your points of difference, your “why” and the urgency factor underlying your launch.

4. Sell with Social Ad Copy

Again, if you’re using ads, for this stage, you need sales ad copy and re-targeting ad copy. The former is for folks who’ve visited any part of your site and the latter is for those who’ve visited your sales page or your opt-in page.

5. Post-Purchase Emails

Lastly, you want your launch copy to include post-purchase emails. You can have an email thanking them for their purchase and explaining next steps, and from then on, you can have a short email sequence set up so they can make full use of your digital product.

There you go, my lovelies.

The complete launch copy buffet laid out for you to dig into and don’t forget to download the FREE CopyGredients checklists because you want to have it handy with you when you start planning your launch so you don’t miss important elements and can enjoy a money-making, brainpower-saving launch.

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