Facebook timeline for pages the easy one stop guide to understanding it all

Facebook timeline for pages the easy one stop guide to understanding it all

On February 29th, Facebook unveiled its new look business pages. And did we all sit up and take notice?

Yes, the new Timeline for Business is definitely something to notice. There are a few key changes and some great new additions that would make engaging and promoting your page a LOT easier.

If you’ve not made the switch yet, that’s okay. Neither have we. We want to wait a bit for developers to iron out some of the kinks before we jump in. You still have time till March 30th.

However, before you switch to Timeline for you business page, do read up on it and get everything in place for a Facebook page that would be totally awesome.

Since we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, we spent some time digging up some of the best resources on the Net to help guide you towards creating and using Facebook Timeline for Pages effectively and easily:

1. Setting Up and Optimizing Your Timeline 

This comprehensive guide by the folks at AllFacebook will show you how to pick the right cover photo, enable the right settings so that fans can reach you, use the Activity Log and more to have a page that is high on content, engagement and branding.

2. Cover Photos That Rock 

If you need some inspiration in choosing the right cover photo which after all would be the first thing a user would see when they land on your page, this ‘album’ from Mashable would definitely get your creative juices flowing.

3. Marketing Impact of Timeline 

Another post from the folks at Mashable, this one covers important changes and what to do about them from a marketing perspective. For instance, understanding why updating the Milestones section can have a big impact on your page.

 4. A Summary of ALL the Changes 

If you want to review all the changes and how to make the most of them, this post by Karen Gunton at build a little biz is just what the social media doctor ordered. Simple, succinct and super-easy to understand.

 5. How to Make the Change to Timeline 

Finally, when you’re ready to make the change, this guide from Sprout Social will show you how to do it all. Complete with screenshots.

So, are you excited about the new Facebook Timeline for Pages?