the ultimate digital marketing strategy template for online store owners

A digital marketing strategy template that brings results, works wonders on boosting engagement and best of all, is easy to implement.

Yes, I’m not kidding.

THAT is what you are gonna have by the time, you finish reading this post.

Want to skip the queue? Click here to download a PDF ready‐to‐print‐and‐use template aka recipe 😉 and get started now. Click and download, easy-peasy. No opt-in needed or anything. You’re welcome 😉 

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy, After All

Digital marketing strategy is the recipe that lays out what ingredients to use and what method to follow so you can whip up a finger‐lickin’ online presence.

It is an action plan that gives structure to your engagement and conversion techniques so that you aren’t chucking things at the wall, hoping they’ll stick.

Digital marketing strategy is all about putting together a doable, understandable, “I‐won’t‐let‐you‐get‐lost” map to help you reach goals.

Goals, like more engagement, more visibility, more traffic, more sales.

A digital marketing strategy lays out the essential principles that you need to follow in order to experience the success you wish to see, regardless of what changes may happen around you.

You don’t play with your strategy every day, week or even, month. You stick with it. You test it. You tweak it ONLY after you’ve tested it enough.

Alright‐y, now that we’re clear on what the strategy piece of the pie is all about, let’s look at how YOU can create one.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy Template When You’re an eCommerce Store Owner

Since 80% of our clients are eCommerce store owners, creating a digital marketing strategy for them is something that we do all.the.time.

Does that mean we use the same strategy for all of them? Hahahahhahahahh . *stops laughing* Well, clearly, no.

Your strategy is as unique as your business.

You cannot look at what your competition or peers are doing and simply, copy that. Uh‐huh.

Copying is for monkeys, you aren’t one.

That is why the recipe AKA digital marketing strategy template I’m gonna share with you is NOT going to be one of those all filled out, “do‐this”, “do‐that”, kinda thing.

No sireee!

Unlike other templates that may tell you {and a bajillion others!} to post 3 times on FB, share 1 photo on Instagram or 5 tweets on Twitter, this one is going to give you a strategy that’ll be unique to who you are, what your business is all about and how you can accomplish your marketing goals, using digital media.

But don’t let this scare you it isn’t complicated, complex or challenging.

In fact, creating your digital marketing strategy is a PIECE of CAKE.

That’s right.

Click here to download your digital marketing strategy recipe and get cooking! 

Roll up your sleeves, m’friend, we’re gonna be cooking up scrumptiousness!!

The Piece of Cake Digital Marketing Strategy Template

P‐ Platforms your brand can shine on

What platforms will your brand shine on? Is it more suited for a visual platform, like Pinterest and Instagram or will it be more in sync on a storytelling platform, like Facebook and your blog?

Not only that, you have to keep your marketing goals in mind when choosing your platform. What are you hoping to accomplish from your digital or online media efforts?

Choose your platforms wisely. You do NOT want to be everywhere and dilute your message, like I sometimes dilute my curry. It tastes awful. 😉

I‐ Invest in building communities that connect

Invest in building communities that are connected with your brand. How will you be doing that?

Some ways you can do that are by sharing your brand story, taking people behind‐the‐scenes, giving a glimpse of where you’re headed, talking and sharing your vision and brand values.

Communities are created when people come together. You can’t stand apart from them and hope they’ll gravitate towards you. You need to mingle, interact, communicate and connect.

E‐ Engagement is key

What engagement‐centric measures will you be taking? Will you be responding to comments, hosting events, bringing guest experts on?

A community is only as good as the engagement it experiences.

There is no point in aiming for a million fans on Facebook, if when you post, you only have 5 people connect with you.

C‐ Create content that resonates and reflects

Your strategy must include your content creation approach. The content you create must resonate with your audience and reflect your brand values and story.

Something as simple as addressing FAQs, via a video or blog post can be a powerful medium of creating content while connecting with your community and engaging with them.

E‐ Encourage growth with a well‐planned strategy

All of these elements come together to help you experience growth.

Growth in visibility. Growth in traffic. Growth in sales. Sweet music, indeed.

The next part of this strategy is centered around CAKE. Because, let’s face it, people, everything is better with CAKE 😉

C‐ Customers must be your focus when creating your strategy

This is no‐brainer. Your customers, the people you cater to, must be at the hub of your strategy. Where do they hang out?

A‐ Align the strategy with your brand

Is your strategy in sync with your brand? Does it feel right to you? Or does it feel that you’re being forced to do something that you hate?

K‐ Knowledge of your niche, trends in digital marketing and of course, your consumers.

Keeping a close watch on your niche, trends and your customers will help you ensure that your strategy is working instead of stagnating or worse, failing.

E‐ Engagement‐driven, instead of a numbers game

Finally and most importantly, remember to focus on engagement. Having a million fans who don’t connect or engage with you is as good as having ZERO fans.

Your engagement is what should drive your strategy. People talking about your brand, sharing what you do, referring others to buy your product THAT is what it’s all about.

Putting it ALL together

So, how you can take this “piece of cake” and turn it into a strategy for your online store’s digital presence?

Click here to get instant access to a handy‐dandy PDF recipe guide that gives you not only the PIECE of CAKE approach but also, lays out the 8 cannot‐ignore questions you need to ask when creating your strategy.

Answering those questions will give you all the insights you need to have an actionable, results‐oriented approach to creating an online presence that’s a delightful dish indeed!

how to create digital marketing strategy template when you're an eCommerce store owner

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