What a Children’s Story Taught Me About the Power of a Mastermind Community

A few days ago, Manini and I were reading a popular Indian fable about a group of mice who help a herd of elephants escape from the hunters’ nets by biting the nets off.

While she loves the story because well, she’s 6 and anything that has mice and elephants in it is something to love, it got ME thinking about how as small business owners, we need the help of a community to help us thrive as well.

5 Ways a Mastermind Community Can Help Your Small Business Succeed

So, while I am in no way calling fellow business owners, mice **teehee**,  I just couldn’t help seeing the analogy of how a “small” group could help overcome a much “bigger” problem when they worked together.

And that got me thinking about the advantages that the power of a small mastermind community has when it comes to building and growing our businesses.

Here they are:

Overcome Elephant-Sized Business Challenges

I’m part of several paid mastermind communities myself and cannot emphasize how much they’ve helped me overcome business challenges, like figuring out new strategies, dealing with upleveling and even, finding people to work with.

If you’re struggling and feeling alone, overwhelmed and wondering if this biz thing really is all that it’s cut out to be, mastermind!!

Provide Mega Support

You know, how we all have those days where we just need a place to go and vent, talk without being judged or just get something off our chest. Yes, a small mastermind community does that. It listens, pays attention and just lends you that virtual supportive shoulder you need.

Help You Grow Massively

The last year was our first 6-figure year and I seriously, couldn’t have done it without the support of my small mastermind communities that helped me brainstorm with business ideas, find resources for a gazillion topics and also, serve as my support system during periods of complete “Gahhh-I-can-NOT-do-this-thing!”

the power of a mastermind community

Yes, Ms. Winfrey is right!!

Offer a Solid Sounding Board and Research Team

Ever need to ask or just validate your business idea? Find out if what you’re thinking about is right?

Enter a committed group of biz owners who’re ready to share their experiences with you and help you find more resources or information.

Let’s say, you want to launch a course for cloth diapering moms and want to find out whether or not anyone would be interested in it and if so, what all would they like covered. All you need to do is ask in the community and chances are someone or the other would be able to either answer the questions for you OR point you in a helpful direction. Bliss!!

Help You Escape the Net of Procrastination by Keeping You Accountable

One of the key benefits of being in a small mastermind community that’s committed to growing together is that you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Your voice is heard and people come together to help you get out of a rut. Whether it is needing to get a small biz project, like making a video get done or sending off a pitch to a major publication, my mastermind communities have helped me stay accountable and get TONS of productive work done by resisting procrastination.

Why Niche Communities Rock My World

I’m also part of several LARGE mastermind communities and while they have their own unique benefits in terms of diversity and experiences, I prefer the intimacy of a niche group.

I feel more heard, secure and supported. Whether it is Karen Gunton’s the building site where she focuses on biz topics through the year or more recently, Denise Duffield’s Money Bootcamp community where I crush my money blocks and deal with upleveling, these communities give me the focused support I need to create a gorgeous, fulfilling business that reflects my passion and values.

That is EXACTLY why I created Content Café, as a FREE and close-knit Mastermind community for anyone who orders Content Cookbook.


Creating content that resonates with your online communities and your own self.

Sharing best practices.



Lending a listening ear.

Keeping you accountable.

I really can’t put a price tag on that!!

Whether you’re creating content for social media or for your blog, having a focused mastermind community to brainstorm, learn, grow and build with is so much better than trying to do it alone.

We’re excited because we’re prepping for our first LIVE CONTENT COOKALONG in August where we’ll work through the Content Cookbook recipes together to create delicious, good for you and your business content.

Want to don an apron and join in? Click here!! Let us be the mice who help you deal with elephant-sized biz challenges!!

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