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Have you been staring at your screen wondering… how to write your About Me page without coming off like a smarmy salesman or that annoying dinner party guest who doesn’t stop talking about themselves?

Here’s help.

I’m donning my content chef hat to dish out The Secret Sauce recipe for creating an About page that’s infused with personality, personal touches and your passion.

Answering the question… How can YOU solve YOUR reader’s problems and take away their pain?

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  1. Start with your “delight-to-serve” customer in mind.
  2. Season with your expertise and passion.
  3. Sprinkle your WHY and your journey.
  4. Spread out how they’d feel when they’d read you or work with you.
  5. Slather on a call-to-action

The Step-by-Step Recipe for the About Page Secret Sauce

  1. Start with putting your readers or customers first. How would THEY benefit by reading you? What problems will you be solving for THEM? What pain will you be taking away from them?? Let them know you’re there for them. Use their words and let them know you understand them.

Example–> Are you ready to fix that About Me Page you’re struggling with and rewriting all the time? Do you want to share your story but fear it’s too boring? I understand that and I’m here to take that struggle and fear away!  

  1. Next share WHAT gives you the expertise to help them? This is where you introduce yourself, your passion and of course, your expertise. THIS is crucial– be to the point. 

Example –> I’m Prerna Malik, a content chef who is passionate about serving gourmet content to time-starved entrepreneurs.

I’ve been a communication skills trainer with American Express and Dell in my past-corporate-life and have written gazillions of About Me Pages in my current business, so I know the value of making every word sizzle with engagement:)

  1. Share a brief overview of what got your here and most importantly your WHY. This is where you can share a brief overview of your vision.

Your story, your journey, your personal pain and growth is what makes YOU unique. It’s what drives you to do what you do. So, here is where you share that with realness and rawness but don’t be afraid to inject humor as well. 

Example–> In my corporate avatar, I saw so many instances of words being used with wrong tone and don’t even ask me about all the time the wrong word was used {really, ask me to share the funnies with you;)}.

Any way, long story short I decided to put my Master’s in English language to good use and I showcase the importance of using the right words to craft a story that was genuine and made an impact.

Today I use these finely honed skills, to create content that brings results and helps busy, overwhelmed entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best. 

  1. How they’ll feel when they work with you and what makes you YOU. This will be a good time to share some fun, random facts about your sweet self so and also be a good time to sprinkle a testimonial or two. 

Example–> Besides being a content chef, I’m also an avid baker and make a mean curry.

 So when I work on your content, I take your words and gently and expertly edit them to make sure they come out looking like that, perfectly baked pie.

I edit, proofread, optimize for SEO and give you the whole post ready-to-use.

In fact, XYZ, a former client, said ” My readers clearly LOVE the work you do on my posts. My site traffic has increased 300%!! I am totally buying you cupcakes all my life!!”

  1. Finally, tell them what to do NEXT. Yes, do they sign up, go to your Services page, find out more about your course? Have ONE clear call-to-action.

Not-so-Optional Ingredients:

  1. Have a photo or two of you and if possible, your “life” as well.
  2. Include links to your best content to help someone who’s totally new to your site to find their feet and get to know your work better.
  3. Include details on how they can get in touch with you- social media, email, phone.

Ready to create an About Me page that is perfect for you and your audience?

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P.S. So, yes, when you’ll download these, you’ll get short-and-snappy emails from me to help you supercharge your content and online community. Not bad, right?!!

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