Well yes, I jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon sometime early this year and nope, am not regretting it one.single. bit. Truth, be told, am LOVING it and the reason is simple.

One, my too-generous-to-a-fault husband/CFO/biz partner gifted me an iPhone for our anniversary. It takes seriously, insanely good photos. Even when clicked by a non-photo-taking person like yours truly.

Two, I discovered that I can write on the photos I click without powering up my laptop. Woot! WIN!

So, on that note, for this month’s Chef’s Corner, here are my fabulously fun and inexpensive ways to prettify up those photos you’ve been taking on your smartphone. Yes, Androids work pretty well too, but seriously an iPhone’s camera is ahem, a notch above.

Any ways, on to more important matters, like Instagram apps for stunning typography.

The Top Instagram Apps

1. Instaquote

Well, this was the first app I discovered and it was love-at-first-type. Seriously, guys! The FREE version has quite a few backgrounds and styles available but the paid version is even better and it doesn’t have the InstaQuote branding. So, yes, I paid up and here’s a look at some of the pics I created on the go, in like minutes, whenever inspiration struck!

2. Overgram

I discovered this one later thanks to the folks in my mastermind group but it’s just as awesome and FREE too! Yes, am all about saving money here while creating visual delicacies!

3. A Beautiful Mess

Finally, there’s Beautiful Mess by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess. Now this one is a paid app but .99 is a small price when you’ll see the gorgeousness that awaits you inside. Photo filters, fun fonts, hand drawn doodles! Yes, gorgeousness has a teensy price tag. You’ll love it!

Are YOU on Instagram yet? No? Why not?! Photos are a worth a thousand words and that’s saying a lot! So, head over, sign up and prepare to get hooked!

If you are on Instagram, so are we!! Let’s follow each other and swap fave tools in the comments below, mmmkay?!


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