If you’ve known me for any length for time, you’d know that tech and I don’t talk well 😉

Honestly, while I did move my site from Blogger to WordPress back when I was starting out and I did set up our first own self-hosted site too, I like to stay away from techy things as much as I safely can.

Now, as anyone who’s been on WordPress would obviously know, it is a wonderfully intuitive platform and incredibly easy to use.

However, at the same time, there’s stuff that needs to be done and done fast and you don’t want to break your site doing it.

Like, backing up your site, updating plugins, small tweaks to your CSS, increasing traffic by ensuring that your site is being indexed and that it’s loading on time and so much more.

I mean… there’s a truckload of stuff that needs getting done when you run a site that’s generating an income for you and since neither Mayank nor I have the time and desire to dig in and do this, we call in the pros.

Meet wpCurve: The Superheroes of the WordPress World

For the last 2 years, we’ve worked with wpCurve as our go-to WordPress guys for a ton of small jobs that can suck the lifeblood and energy out of me. We literally can send them unlimited small jobs.

I don’t worry that I’ll be running out of hours or finishing my package. It’s more like “Now what else do I give them?!” 😉

Plus, it’s such a painless process being able to shoot an email saying “Hey guys, can you fix this?” and have it done without me chasing up or following up to find out if it has been done or not.

Because these guys are so on the money with their promptness and their professionalism. They respond with screencasts showing that the job is all done and dusted in like a matter of few hours. I mean, who does that?

If you’ve ever worked with a developer and had to follow up to find out if things are being worked on… you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Do We Trust These Guys?

So, I know what you’re thinking… when you work with a developer exclusively, you know who they are and can, therefore, give them access easily, right?

But here’s a full team of 35+ people, all of whom have access to your site. Is that safe?

I thought the same thing too.

But then, I checked out their site, read their stuff and subscribed to them. I usually do that before hiring anyone, FYI. 😉

Also, I Googled them with the term “wpCurve reviews” to see if there were any negative reviews. Again, this is something I always do {and you should too;)}.

I came up with zilch, nada. All I saw were folks talking about how freeing it is, how cost-effective and most importantly, how easy it is to work with them.

Plus, after getting to know them for a bit via their content, I knew that Dan and Alex, the guys behind wpCurve, knew what they were talking about.

Sidenote: See, that’s why I keep harping about blogging for your business. Folks like to get to know you 😉

Back on track now… The wpCurve team take their name and their reputations seriously.

In fact, I had the opportunity to meet Dan in person when I attended Problogger, and know that like us, he’s a really passionate entrepreneur wanting to make a difference to the way business is done.

Long story short: We trust wpCurve with our sites. Hands down. We enjoy the freedom and peace-of-mind that comes when you don’t have to deal with the nightmare of a broken site because all you did was update WordPress. 😉 Oh, and did I mention that it’s real pocket-friendly too when you consider the fact that you have unlimited jobs to hand off to them? We’re on a sweet $99/month plan but they also have a $79/month plan too.  

So, if you’ve ever Googled “How to see if Google is indexing my site?” or asked in Facebook groups for help with a plugin or worse, losing your site, I seriously recommend you get these guys on your virtual team.


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