Last updated on March 12th, 2019

How would you like a bag full o’ blogging tips and tricks that don’t leave you feeling overwhelmed?

How would you like a FREE yet full-on fabulous way to grow your blog’s traffic and make more money from it without burning yourself or your wallet out?

How would you like a chance to borrow my bloggy brains and get mini coaching sessions for FREE?

A lot, right?

I knew it!!

That is why…  I’m SO excited to share the first-ever FREE 7-Day Blog Blitz Bootcamp with you!!


THIS baby is a serious powerhouse packed with my best and proven-to-work tips to give your blog a new lease of life.

More money, more time, more blog personality… in 7 days.

This is the premiere round and that is why we will be doing this LIVE.

Yes, we’ll kick things off on the 19th of October and this is what your 7-Day Bootcamp will look like:

Day 1: Stretch It! What Should I Blog About and Other Important Questions that Make Content Creation Easy-Peasy-Breezy

Day 2: Watch That Clock! Time Management Tips for the Productive Blogger

Day 3: Juice Up! How to Increase Blog Traffic Without Being Stuck to Your Laptop 24/7

Day 4: It’s Bootcampin’, Not Glamping: Inspired Action Taking Day

Day 5: More Bootcampin’: Inspired Action Taking Day 2

Day 6: Groovin’ It! Blog Ideas That Make Money

Day 7: Sweet Relief! Creating a Sticky Blogging Strategy

Every day, you’ll get a juicy blog post filled with my best strategies and a Do It Yourself Drill AKA Worksheet so you can take action without the overwhelm and confusion.

PLUS {and this is BIG}, I’ll be doing TWO Facebook Livestreaming Q and A sessions on Days 4 and 5 in The Biz Bistro so you can ask me anything blogging-related. Yes, bring those painful, sore, sweaty, stinky questions, and get your answers, once-and-for-all!


I’m sure you are!!

Pop in your details in the form below and you’ll be all set.

I can’t wait to whip your blog into the best shape possible so you can make more money, get more traffic and have more of your life back, because blogging for business doesn’t mean slave labor. 😉

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