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We’re at the end of the Blog Blitz Bootcamp and today we’ll take all the exercises we’ve done so far and tie them up neatly with a blogging strategy that will give you not only the clarity you need but also, the consistency that guarantees your success.


Blog Blitz Bootcamp Day 7: Blogging Strateg

The Step-by-Step Blogging Strategy for Sure Shot Success

1. Why Do You Blog?

This is where you dig into Day 1 of the Bootcamp and review the reason behind your blog. Whether you create a single statement encapsulating the vision behind your blog or a one-pager that showcases the purpose behind it, is up to you.

But you MUST be clear on why you’re blogging, either as a solopreneur or as a small business.

2. Who Do You Blog For?

Again, review the worksheet from Day 1 because it’ll help you drill deeper into your delight-to-serve readers or customers.

You need to know who you’re blogging for. Not just the demographic bit, but the deeper, darker stuff too.  What are these readers looking for? What are they struggling with?

Where can you find this information? You can either check research hotspots, like Quora and Yahoo!Answers or poll Facebook groups or read the comments section of the blogs your readers frequent.

How can your content fill the gap that currently exists and solve your readers’ struggles as well?

3. How will you Reach your Readers and Grow your Traffic?

Next, you need to look at reaching your readers and growing your traffic. Yesss, this is Day 3 of the Bootcamp, so revisit it and review your worksheet as well.

Will you be using SEO? Will you go with guest posting? Would you be investing in FB ads?

Write down your answers in the Traffic and Reach section of your strategy.

4. Where will you Share and Promote your Content?

Then, we need to tackle the all-important question of content promotion. Creating content is the easy bit… getting it out there and promoting it is what 90% bloggers struggle with.

So, let’s put a plan together.

Write down how will you be sharing and promoting your content. How often will you share it on social media? What networks are you going to focus on? Write it down. Yes, I sound like my 6th grade teacher, Ms. Mathur with the bright red-lipstick and the “write it down” on repeat! But wise words, nonetheless.

5. What Metrics Will you Monitor?

Finally, and most importantly, how will you know that everything that you’re doing is bringing results?

As Sherlock would say, “Elementary, my dear Watson”

You monitor metrics!

That’s right.

But what metrics, Prerna?

To start with these will be good for you: Traffic aka Pageviews, Sources, as well as Email Subscribers, Social Media Engagement aka likes, comments, retweets, etc.

How do you monitor them?

Google Analytics helps you track your traffic and the sources of those traffic while your email service provider will give you the data on your list and your social networks will tell you about your social media reach. {Sidenote: you can invest in an all-in-one analytics suite for your social media, but honestly, if you’re bootstrapping, this approach will work.}

Tie these metrics to your overall goal or your why?

Does an increase in traffic translate to a bump in sales?

Do these metrics help you reach your destination faster or are they actually, slowing you down? Yes, that can happen.

There you go.

A sticky, sweet blogging strategy to help you blitz that blog… productively and profitably.

You know what to do now, right?

Snag the Do It Yourself Drill AKA Worksheet: Make sure you’re signed up to The Blog Blitz Bootcamp to get your ‘take action now’ worksheets because whipping that blog into the best shape possible will take some work 😉

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