the step by step scrumptious recipe for creating a good for business blogger outreach strategy

Spoiler alert: A blogger outreach strategy is a powerful way for you to stand out and yes, your business needs it.

Okay, so now that, THAT is clear, let’s get straight to the juicy bits.

Wait, you say. Back up, Prerna what IS a blogger outreach strategy?

Is it what I do when I email a few folks who write blogs and ask them to share my product in a post?

Does it cost money?

How do I even know it works?

Yep, I can see, you have questions.

Good news is I have answers. I also, have the best almond butter, ever. But let’s go with the answers first 😉

In a rush? Get your sticky mitts on this blogger outreach strategy ready‐to‐use recipe, designed to help you create your own outreach plan with ease and get more traffic and sales, without the sleaze!

What is a Blogger Outreach Strategy

A blogger outreach strategy, put simply, is where you reach out to bloggers in your niche or industry and invite them to learn more about your product or service so that they may share it with their audience.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Then, why is it that most businesses fail big‐time at reaching out right?

Why is it that 90% pitches get deleted even before they’re read completely?

Why is it that 9 out of 10 bloggers feels that outreach is a 4‐letter word?

Because we’re approaching it wrong.

That’s right.

How to Use Blogger Outreach, the Ridiculously Simple and Right Way

As I’d shared in my post on the 19 guest blogging mistakes {sidenote: guest blogging IS a part of blogger outreach!}, it’s all starts with paying attention to small details that matter big‐time to the blogger.

It can be as small as using their name, and spelling it right. I can NOT tell you how often I have brands and PR guys misspell my name. It’s not funny people!!

Want bloggers to pay attention to your brand?

Here’s the 5‐Step blogger outreach strategy aka Recipe, broken down for you, in an easy‐to‐follow way:

1.Interact and Engage with the Blogger, in a Non‐Sleazy Way

It all starts by engaging and interacting with bloggers you want to connect with in an engaged and interesting way.

No, you do NOT have to comment on every single post or retweet everything they say.

But you definitely can leave insightful, meaningful comments on posts that do matter to you.

You can email them a short note appreciating a post they wrote a while ago.

You can give them a shoutout on your social networks for the work they do.

Build a relationship and nurture it.

2. Create Irresistible Insider Appeal

So, why should a blogger partner with you, if all they’re going to get is the same ol’ stuff that’s out there for every one else?

Create exclusivity and insider appeal by offering them exclusive or early access to a new or updated product.

Launching a product in September? Offer it to your blogger network in July or even, June. Let them test drive it, experience it, enjoy it before everyone else does.

And when they do that, they’re more likely to share it, talk about it and be excited about it, in a genuine, “omigosh‐check‐this‐out” way!

3. Offer Incredible Value

Whether you decide to pay a blogger or not, is up to you, but regardless of monetary compensation, you need to establish how you’d be offering value to a blogger for their time and effort.

And no, free product isn’t enough.

It can be something as simple as setting up an exclusive mastermind group for all your outreach ambassadors and inviting guest experts to help them grow their blog.

Or sending them a great book on social media and content creation or even, a light‐hearted fiction read that they’ll enjoy during their downtime.

Or it can be as fancy as sponsoring their ticket to a conference they’ve been wanting to attend.

THAT is why it is SO important to know, like and love your bloggers.

Helping them grow and adding value to your relationship is a simple yet powerful way to nurture your connection with them.

4. Make it No‐Brainer Easy for Them to Say “YESSSSS!!”

Bloggers, unlike what many PR people think, are very busy people.

So, when you create your outreach campaign, make sure you’re giving them everything they need to share your product with ease and without having to jump through hoops.

Images, in different sizes and styles? Check
Videos? Check
All product details, easily available? Check
A custom‐crafted, done‐for‐them, beautifully‐written guest post? Check

In short: Make it super simple for them to take what you have and give it their unique spin when sharing it. They shouldn’t have to email you to ask for images or videos. They certainly shouldn’t have to hunt for them on your site.

So, no, don’t send them an email saying, “check out our site for product information.” Gahhh!!!

5. Understand a “No” Does Not Mean a “Never” Usually

Finally, and most importantly, remember that a ‘no’ is not a ‘never’. There may be a bajillion and one reasons that a blogger isn’t able to work with you at a particular time. However, that shouldn’t stop you or hold you back from keeping the relationship alive and kicking and continuing to nurture it. You’re not like most marketers who’re only in it for their own icky‐sticky-selfishy‐ need.

You’re someone who values relationships and that is how your blogger outreach strategy will stand out from the crowd. You’re there to support their growth and their blog, even when you have nothing to gain.

Ready to rock it on with your own outreach campaign?
Click here to download a handy‐dandy printable recipe for creating a strategy that’ll sizzle like bacon in a hot, frying pan and be as dreamy as George Clooney in One Fine Day.

The Scrumptious-est Blogger Outreach Strategy {Free PDF Included}

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