Blog Blitz Bootcamp

Blog Blitz Bootcamp: A FREE 7-Day Challenge to Un-blah Your Blog and Make More Money from it Without Burning Yourself or Your Wallet Out

Un-Blah Your Blog for FREE!

Blitz My Blog NOW!

In this FREE actionable, accountability-fueled Bootcamp you will get:
  • Practical easy-to-implement strategies to create a flood of money-making opportunities from your blog without feeling like a sniveling salesman in a bad suit. 
  • Time-saving tips, tricks and tools so you can blog better and faster, and say buh-bye to blogger’s block
  • Proven-to-work, easy-to-follow-along content creation hacks to craft blog content that connects and converts, right from the first word
  • Master the art and science of creating a sticky strategy that acts like rocket fuel for your blog’s growth and profitability. 

Un-Blah Your Blog for FREE!

Blitz My Blog NOW!

Who Am I? 

Hi! I’m Prerna Malik and I’ll be your cheerleader and Chief Bootcamper through this challenge.

I’ve been a blogger for 8 years now and successfully grew my personal blog, The Mom Writes to a profitable, money-making business.

Not only that, over the last 8 years, I have blogged for big and small businesses and have been featured on over 100 sites, if not more. These include incredibly well-known names like The Huffington Post, The Art of Simple, Addicted 2 Success, Work Awesome, Make a Living Writing, Leonie Dawson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Big Brand System, Female Entrepreneur Association, The Mogul Mom and many, many more.

I’ve coached several bloggers to building successful blog-based businesses of their own.

So, yes, long story short… I know what I’m talking about when I’m sharing these strategies with you.

What People Are Saying

Eva Van

I knew Prerna would be a great fit for our business, as her own business and personal ethic is very similar to our own. Plus, she uses correct grammar and punctuation!! A real boon in today’s text-speak society!

Prerna took the lead and didn’t have to be spoon-fed stuff, which was a big factor for us in continuing to work with her!

I’ve gained more energy to work when I am working, knowing that lots of communication stuff that was starting to get on top of me, is being taken care of.


“The critique and coaching sessions helped me immensely. I didn’t have a clear plan to monetize my blog. I truly undervalued my work. You helped me put a clear action plan together with definitive and to-the-point suggestions. In the last 2 months, my blog’s revenue has increased 10-fold and I have 2 eBooks and a published book underway.

What the Blog Blitz Bootcamp Looks Like?

Excited, frenetic, energetic and yes, filled with plenty of action, minus the sweaty socks and locker room smell.

For the next 7 days, you will witness clarity and inspiration coming together, like a heady cocktail, minus the hangover.

Here’s what to expect:
  • 5 days of power-packed, money-making, traffic-boosting blog growth techniques.
  • 2 days of inspired action-taking, complete with accountability check-ins. 
  • Worksheets to help you blitz all the knowledge bombs into juicy action. 
  • 2 Ask-me-Anything Q and A sessions in The Biz Bistro mastermind group. 

Yes, this is EVERYTHING your blog needs to get a fresh lease of life.

Your mind, your soul and your wallet will thank you for it.

Un-Blah Your Blog for FREE!

Blitz My Blog NOW!

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