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If I had to tell you ONE thing you can do this year to be more productive, grow your blog and earn more money, it would be to invest in a blogging planner.

Honestly, it is THE best way to stay intentional, focused and inspired as you walk the path of a blogger and a business owner.

How does a blog planner help professional bloggers?

Simple. It keeps your goals, your progress, your actions and your intentions, front and center.

You have a ready reckoner to help you see which areas need improvement, what you’re really rocking and how you can get to that big picture goal you’d set for yourself.

A blog planner is, in my view, a recipe book for success for bloggers at any level.

Whether you’ve just started or you’ve been blogging for nearly 7 years, like moi, you need to have a recipe, with ingredients and methods, tips and tools. A planner is just that. Your blog is the dish.

Okay, I know. I’ll stop with all the food references because well, hungry now!!

Instead, I’ll roll right into my top picks for blog planners that are top notch in my book, including the one I’m using this year.

Note that all of these are paid. You can also snag free printable planners and customize them to suit your needs by mixing-and-matching but honestly, I really didn’t have the time for all of that this year. I wanted one planner to meet 99% of my needs and do as little tweaking as possible.

1. Epic Blog: One-Year Editorial Planner by Regina Anaejinou

Epic Blog Planner

This elegantly designed print blog planner is so much more than just a planner. It’s a blog business plan, brainstorm tool, editorial calendar and so much more, WITHOUT getting overwhelming.

I’ve admired Regina of fame for long and I really, truly wanted to get this planner {and may do that in 2017!} but then, I found one that fit my needs perfectly while indulging my coloring addiction as well. 😉

If you’re looking for a blogging planner that is already printed out, bound and stylish too, you’re gonna LOVE Epic Blog.

2. Blog Success Planner by Tabitha Philen

Blog Planner

You guys.

I *have* this planner and it rocks. No kidding. It’s SO comprehensive that it’ll be the only planner you’ll ever need. Tabitha is the hugely successful blogger behind Inspired Bloggers University and she knows what blogging profitably and productively is all about.

This 196 page planner is chockfull of printables for a blog business plan, goals, tracking income, savings and expenses, sponsors’ and affiliates’ information, content and social media planning, business growth planning and my personal favorite, an SEO planner to help you rank high in search engines with ease.

The Blog Success Planner lives up to its name. It’s pretty robust and really will be the only blog planner you need.

3. Artsy Craftsy Blog Planner by Shruti Bhat

I’ve known Shruti, the blogger behind the lovely site for sometime now and have even been her blog coach but when she emailed me with her stunning Artsy Craftsy Blog Planner, she literally blew me away.

Not only did the planner have pretty much everything anyone needs to be productive and intentional with their blog, but… wait for it… this planner has gorgeous coloring sheets as well!! SO fun, guys!! It also has a lovely sprinkling of cheery and motivating quotes to keep you inspired.

Artsy Craftsy Blog Planner

The planner includes printables for blog planning, brainstorming, goal setting, tracking and of course, content planning, keeping track of various blog hops, linky parties and so much more.

My faves include the Blog Summary printable, the Yearly Growth Tracker {SO useful and inspiring!}, the Monthly Goals planner, the Training and Conferences tracker {a must if you want learning to be intentional!} and of course, the Daily Action Plan.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the gorgeousness of those coloring pages!! Pretty!!

At 240 pages, it’s quite a whopper of a planner but what I’ve done is picked the pages I need.

For instance, I do my monthly planning in my Passion Planner so I don’t need the monthly calendars.

I’ve only printed out 1 copy of the Daily Action Plan because I don’t really need to physically check off each line item but use it merely as a reminder to see that everything’s been done.

I’ve also added a few pages- Affiliate Tracking and SEO planning {from Tabitha’s planner} that I needed from other planners to further customize it.

At $9.99, it is a STEAL. Get it now and thank me later.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Content Bistro received complimentary copies of Artsy Craftsy Blog Planner and The Blog Success Planner. However, you know that all opinions are clearly my own. And yes, while you’ll be contributing to our monthly latte fund {thank you!!} when you buy using our links, you wouldn’t have to pay anything extra.