Did you take action on blitzing your blog yesterday?



That’s okay… because you have today as well to work on nailing your content creation process, your blogging schedule and your traffic generation strategy.

If you’re struggling with something, remember you’re not in this alone…


I’ll be LIVE in The Biz Bistro at 9 PM EST today answering your burning blogging questions so bring those stinkers and let’s get them outta the way.

You also have over 1000+ other bloggers and business owners to brainstorm with. Your question may be niggling away at someone else too… so ask.

Today is your day to show that you mean it.

To show that you are ready to be a blogger who has a presence that turns heads.

To show that you are willing to put in the work that is needed to reach the readers who need your content.

To show that you are capable of a massive traffic-generating blog that brings not hundreds but thousands and thousands of readers, flocking to your virtual door.

Today is your day.

Make the most of it.

Tomorrow, we’re back to Bootcamp mode and tackling the expensive elephant in the room… monetization.

I’ll see you in The Biz Bistro!

Be there, Blitzer!

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