Biz Bite: Does Your Smallbiz Even Need a Business Blog

So, does your smallbiz need a business blog?

After I posted my mega-post on how to start blogging successfully without losing your soul or sanity, I received quite a few emails from all you amazing people asking pretty much the same question: Does my business need a blog?

So, this Biz Bite edition will help you find that out. Quickly.

Spoiler alert: yes… maybe.;)

The only times small businesses don’t need a blog is when:

a) they own their niche so completely that no one’s gotta Google them. They know where to find them, in the store and online.

b) the information they deal with is so confidential, that the Feds would come after them if they even breathed the “blog” word.

c) Your business is newsy.

d) You are strictly offline with no scope of an online model, at all.

However, if you:

a) Need more traffic to your company website

b) Want more sales for your product or services

c) Are looking to create a community around your brand

d)Want to share your unique, maybe quirky, offbeat, views with others

e) Want to be recognized as the go-to person in your niche.

f) Need a social platform that you, and only you, own

Answered “yes” to any one of the above?

Then, yes you need a blog.

If you’re ready to get started with blogging but are overwhelmed with the idea of creating all that content, optimizing it for search engines, editing it and adding visual branding to it, then, you need to click here.

Else, let’s get busy and let’s get blogging. Check out the Business Blogging 101 resource library to help you!!

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