How a mini break from your business can boost productivity

We’re headed for a short 4-day break this Sunday and both Mayank and I are super-excited about it. Not only does it give us some much needed time off, when we’re back we’re both raring to go and are super-focused and able to knock off way more than ever.

A mini break is a short 3-4 day break from your everyday business activities. You can choose to either stay at home – read, unwind, meet family and friends, veg out…but not check your email every 15 minutes or take a trip, like yours truly.

So, for this month’s Biz Bite edition, I thought I’d share how a mini break can boost productivity right away:

You Come Back with a Clear Head

As entrepreneurs, our heads are often buzzing with ideas. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and hunting for a notepad to write down the title of an eBook. True story.

I also remember that when I started an intensive marketing and business course last year, I was overwhelmed exhausted and in tears by the 3rd week. I felt as if all my ideas were in my head, everyone else was acting on theirs and I was lagging behind in my imaginary race. Again, true story.

Yes, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and a mini break doesn’t involve 10 or even 8 days away from work. Just a few days to catch your breath and do what you don’t usually do – relax, unwind, read, chat, play, sleep.

Doing these things is surprisingly good for clearing your head and helping you see right ahead. Trust me. I know.

You Have the Energy to Focus and Put Your Best Foot Forward

A mini break from your business again fuels you and gives you the energy to put your best foot forward. Your head is clearer, you can think things through and you have the sustenance you need to make sure you can follow through on all those brilliant ideas.

Working hard or all work and no play doesn’t only make Jack or Jill dull but also, ill and low on immunity. You’ll find you fall ill less often if you take that break more often. Try it.

You’ve Had the Chance to Connect with the People who Matter the Most

Finally and most importantly, being business owners we often get wrapped up in the business so much that friends and family take a backseat. It’s ironic but the reason most of us moms become entrepreneurs is because we want to be there for the kids but when the business starts to scale we find ourselves working longer hours, missing more playdates, resorting to more television or iPad play.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone.

But all I’m saying is that taking a break from your business can help you really connect and spend time with the people who matter the most.

I’m wrapping up by just encouraging you. If you’ve been feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, exhausted, on the verge of tears or in tears, chances are you need a break from your business. Take the weekend off and don’t check in. Stay at home if you can’t travel, but do the things you keep pushing off for later. Cook a special meal, go shopping, read with the kids, play board games, go on a date night, sleep in.

Make being an entrepreneur easy on yourself. You deserve it.




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