48 Awesome Business Blog Post Titles To Drive Traffic

A business blog, as I’ve often said, is the cornerstone of any online business. I mean, you may have the largest community on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram , but you NEED a blog to be the hub.

However, I do understand the struggles of a business owner when it comes to blogging.

“I just don’t have the time”

“I don’t know what to write about”

“ I stare at the blank, white screen and feel frustrated with myself.”

“ I hate thinking of headlines to describe what I want to say.”

Yes, I’ve heard all of these and more.

If you really don’t have the time to blog, then I recommend hiring it out to a business blogger who gets your vision, values and voice. And can put all of it into words that search engines and your readers will love.

Any way, if you do have the time but lack the inspiration and ideas, I have just the fix for you: ready-to-use blogging prompts.

48 of them. Seriously.

If you were to use 4 every month, you’d be set for the next 12 months. Imagine that!

How to Use them:

1. Tweak them to add your industry or niche.

2. Add the relevant # of points that you’d be sharing. I’ve added a few examples to show you what I mean.

3. Write away!


Ready, get, set, blog!

1.  # Ways to Reuse a ______________________________

Example: 10 Ways to Reuse a Stash of Cloth Baby Wipes

2. # Best Ways to ________________

Example: 7 Best Ways to Find Time to Do Yoga

3. # Best________________ for Busy People

4. # Simple and Effective Strategies to _____________________

5. The Beginner’s Guide to ______________________________

6. The Quick and Easy Guide to _______________________________

7. # Hacks for ___________________on the Cheap

Example: 27 Hacks for Eating Out and Healthy on the Cheap

8. Budget-friendly Ways to ________________________________________

Example: Budget-friendly Ways to Travel the World

9. Why Your Home Needs a _______________________________________

10. Surprisingly Simple and Cheap Ways to ________________________________________

11. #Mistakes People Make When Buying ________________________________________

12. # Questions to Ask Before _______________________________________________


13. How to Make ___________________________Easy for Everyone

14. What No One Wants You to Know About _____________________________________

15. The Fuss-Free Way to ________________________________

16. How to Save Money When You ________________________________________

17. # Ways to _________________________When Travelling

Example: 13 Ways to Do Yoga When Travelling

18.  The Best ____________________ in One Place

19. A Behind-the-Scenes Look at ______________________________________

20. If You Only Had ________________________, What Would You Do with It?

21. How to Fix the Problem with ___________________________________

22. The # Types of ________________________that _______________________

Example: The 48 Types of Post Titles That Drive Readers and Results  ;0 See what I did there!

23. # Tips to ______________________ for ______________________

24. The 3-Step Method to __________________________________

25. How to ___________________Without Feeling ______________________

Example: How to Clean the House without Feeling Overwhelmed

26. # Amazing Ways to ____________________That ______________________

27. How to Transform ______________________ in _________________________

28. The Truth About ______________________________

29. How to ________________for your ________________ and Save Money

30. # _______________Mistakes that are Costing You________________________

Example: 25 Bookkeeping Mistakes that are Costing You Money

31. # Exercises to Transform your __________________________

32. How to Use _____________to Create an Impact

33. How I Do ______________ for _____________________

34. How I Make ___________________ and  Save Time

35. # Reasons You Lose ______________________ and How to Fix Them

36. # Tips for Busy _______________ to __________________

37. Power Packed Strategies for ____________________

38. What One ____________ Knows About ________________ For _____________

Example: What One Freelancer Knows About Pinterest  For Getting Clients

39. How _______________ Can Fire Up Your Inspiration

40. # Ways to Feel Good About _______________

41. Fastest Ways to ________________________

42. # Ways to ___________________ When You’re Feeling _____________________________

43. My Big Mistakes with _____________________ and How You Can Learn From Them

44. # Actions to Take for a ____________________________________

45. # Lessons Learned When _______________________________ for _______________________

Example: 12 Lessons Learned When Cloth Diapering for the First Time

46. The Simple Step-by-Step Process to ____________________________

47. How to Use ____________________ to Make a Difference to your ___________________________

Example: How to Use Cushions to Make a Difference to Your Living Room

48. The Ultimate Guide to ______________________ for ______________________

So, which one are YOU going to write first for YOUR business blog? Go ahead and share the link once you’re done, so we can share it for you as well and help other biz owners get inspired!!

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