“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” ― Leonard Bernstein

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” ― Leonard Bernstein

Juggling two businesses, multiple clients, innumerable deadlines and of course, a lovely 5 year old and an all-awesome husband/colleague, can get tough for me and yeah, I get pretty maxed out, using all that energy.

You see, this whole small business gig is all awesome and liberating BUT there are days when all I want to do is pull the quilt over my face, curl up like a ball, and sleep. Or maybe not sleep, but just not get out of bed. Can you relate?

Luckily, for me, I’ve been able to seek and find support and systems that are helped me infuse some sort of semblance to sanity into my days as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and woman. If you’re struggling with social media productivity, I’ve talked about how YOU can productivize your social media and streamline your small biz social media presence in 5 powerful ways.

But if it is passion that you seem to be lacking or focus that may have gone a-missing and if YOU want to go back to being that inspired, fired up, passionate and driven entrepreneur you were when you started out, you need a plan, some support and sources of inspiration.

So, here’s everything you need to kick small business burnout to the curb right now:

1. Small Business Support Groups to the Rescue

I’m a member of quite a few business groups and communities but when I’m all burnt out and overwhelmed, I seek solace, inspiration and support in a select few. These are my go-to groups for finding fellow entrepreneurs who get what I do and can relate to how I feel.

While I generally surround myself with folks who are a LOT like me, I’ve also realized that I feel very refreshed and recharged when I interact with entrepreneurs who’re from VERY different niches. I joined Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Business and Life Academy a while ago and I just LOVE the energy in the Mastermind forums over there. It’s very, very different from what I’ve experienced in other groups {although they’ve been pretty awesome themselves!} AND that just fills me up with renewed love for what I do.

2. Clock it! Set Working Hours

It’s easy to get burnt out when you’re working ALL the time. Whether it is checking emails, returning phone calls, writing blog posts or email newsletters, doing research or inventory, if every minute of your day is packed with work-related tasks or talk, chances are you’re going to get that familiar feeling of overwhelm filling your insides pretty soon. Yes, been there, done that.

My trick {thank you, Mayank!} is to unplug every Saturday and Sunday, post breakfast. I work till breakfast but after that, I don’t even check my email. Tough to begin with but I start Monday on fire!

3. Go D.O.D.

D.O.D. or Delegate, Outsource and Drop are three of my favorite cures for tacking small business burnout.

Thanks to the info in Leonie’s awesome new 6-Figure Team Program, we recently expanded our small team to bring on two new members- an awesome assistant, Taylor and an amazing ad manager, Kayln who’ve taken some big chunks off our plates and freed up our time to do what we do best.  Yes, BIG fans of outsourcing our stress here!  And that is also how we can unplug regularly.

 Sidenote: If YOU want to get started with hiring the BEST team for your business, Leonie, herself, is leading a LIVE Q&A call on the 31st and it is FREE for us, Academy members, so do join in!

I’ve also dropped a few tasks from my plate altogether since they just didn’t seem worth the time and energy invested.

What can YOU D.O.D today?

4. Tech Up! Tools That Help Battle Burnout

Confession: I am a geeky girl. I love tools. Especially the ones that help me tackle freeing up time and doing more with less. In recent months, I’ve started using a handpicked and tested selection on tools – Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail, Jotform,  and many more{stay tuned for the post on that topic!} that have automated many of our tasks and helped us fine tune our systems.

When you don’t have to spend hours struggling with something, you can be sure, you will not want to run away from your biz and never see it’s face again.

5. Date Your Business

Small Business Planner

Aren’t these the most beautiful, inspired planning sheets and calendars? { **proud mama moment** These photos have been clicked by my 5-year old, Manini! Blogger-in-the-making, right?} Words to inspire, images to brighten your day! Thanks again to Leonie’s beautiful planners and calendars that we get free as part of the Academy membership, I have been able to date my business again and fall in love with it. I take some quiet time out every week for brainstorming, mapping out plans, refining my goals, reviewing my progress. All of it is a wonderful way to beat burnout and literally, kick overwhelm out of the park!

Are YOU suffering from small business burnout? Feeling overwhelmed? Which tip will YOU act on today to free up your time and love your business again? Share with me in the comments or tweet it out loud and proud!


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