My Number One Secret to Productivity, Staying Focused and Getting Things Done

Today’s bite-sized business tip is all about how to increase productivity, get things done and manage your time better.

It’s about batching tasks. That’s right.

As solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small business owners, we are often the creator, marketer, developer, secretary and office gal to boot as well.

And while honestly, we’d all LOVE to hire someone to do the bits we don’t like, sometimes, when you’re starting out, it just.can’ I know, because I’ve been there.

So, what’s one to do?

How do you keep your business running on well-oiled wheels, while juggling everything else?

How do you make sure you don’t end up overwhelmed, exhausted or burnt out?

How do you give your home the attention and love it deserves while building a business?

My secret is: Batch it!

Really. Yes, I wake early {or unearthly hours}. Yes, I now outsource a lot to my team.

But despite that, if there’s one thing that gets things done for me… it’s batching.

How Batching Tasks Works

Batching tasks is nothing more than grouping similar or the same task together and focusing on finishing it in one go.

It works because it cuts down on distractions, it “makes” you focus on one task at a time and really, it gives you a high from being able to knock things off and move one.

For instance, even though posts on this blog are published every Thursday and on The Mom Writes, are published every Tuesday and Thursday, I do ALL my writing for both the sites in 2-hour “batches” every Saturday.

Similarly, all my client writing projects are batched together in the 2 hour batches, Monday- Friday, 4:00 A.M to 6:00 A.M.

Batching tasks is terrific because you can set the amount of time and intention to focus only on those tasks.

Grouping similar tasks together helps to cut down on both boredom as well as distraction.

For instance, I also, “batch” my weekly reading into a 60-minute session for Fridays. All blogs, email subscriptions, online magazines are read in that 60-minute session. It’s great because I can absorb things better since am not distracted and also, don’t feel guilty that I should actually be doing something else.

You can choose to set days or simply set time limits and then, focus only on knocking that task off.

I’d asked this in the Biz Bistro as well {by the way, have you joined us there? It’s so fun, engaged and free!} and I’m now asking you:

Are YOU a batcher? Ready to try this out to get things done without feeling “all-over-the-place”?