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Writing attention grabbing headlines that not only stop readers in their tracks but also compel them to continue reading is both an art and a science.

Most copywriters, including yours truly, spend a TON of time on headlines and with good reason too.

After all, headlines can either enticingly invite a reader to read more or turn him off totally.

Attention Grabbing Headlines

Not just that, headlines have the power to woo wallets into opening up unresistingly or repel them sending them scurrying back into the pocket of the prospect.

​In fact, David Ogilvy famously remarked that 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.

Marketing Experiments shared that optimizing your headline can boost conversions by 73%.

​It’s obvious that headlines have a heavy-duty job to do.

What job? 

Encouraging the reader to read the next line… and that is easier said than done.

​Your readers, these days, have no time, tiny attention spans and an aversion to being sold to so your headline needs to work hard if it has to draw them in and make them stop on your post or page for more than 10 seconds.

Yes, attention-grabbing headlines are a serious matter and if you’re writing anything from a blog post to a social media update to sales copy, it would do you great good to spend time crafting a headline that’ll hook eyeballs with ease.

​Lucky for you… you have me on your side. 😉

​In my last post on sales copywriting ingredients, I gave you a teaser on how to write headlines that hook… Today, I’m going to walk you through my 5S framework that works beautifully for headlines and even, sales copy in general.

​Let’s get started!

​How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines with the 5S Framework

This 5S Framework is one that I rely on when crafting my sales pages as well as headlines. It acts like a checklist so you can be sure that the headline that you’ve written is ticking all the boxes and will do the ONE job it’s meant to do.

1. Specific

​Headlines must always be specific. You can add specificity to a headline with:

  • ​numbers, time, steps, statistics or percentages.
  • including a burning pain that you’ll be healing or resolving
  • big, clear benefit of the offer.

Example: 5X Your Profits and Productivity with the Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan

2. States a Fact

Your headlines must include a fact about the offer. This fact can be:

  • a big, bold benefit
  • a point of startling difference
  • a key outcome

Example: Fully Loaded Launch: The Only Done-for-You, All-Inclusive, eCourse Copywriting and Launch Service So You Can Propel Your Launches to Sheer Profitability with Breathtaking Ease

3. ​Strikes a Chord

​Headlines that connect are headlines that convert. An easy to remember principle yet it is oft-forgotten. 😉

In order for headlines to connect, they must strike a chord and connect with the reader.

How do they do that? Elementary! {Yes, I’m on a Sherlock binge these days!}

​Your headlines can strike a chord and connect with the reader by:

  • using words that your reader will recognize
  • empathizing, not patronizing
  • evoking a powerful emotional response

​Example: Grey Got You Down? Get Rid of Grey Hair the Painless, Non-Surgical, All-Natural Way!

4. Stirs Curiosity

Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat it got the customer too! Sorry for that creepy word picture I just painted. 😉

​But really, headlines that spark and stir curiosity can compel browsers to keep on reading.

​You can stir curiosity by:

  • Using attention-grabbing words. For instance: Discover, why, easy, at last!
  • Using attention-disruptors that go against the norm and stop people in their tracks
  • Asking questions that cannot be answered with a ‘no’.

Bonus tip:  Study Buzzfeed headlines.

​Example: At Last! The Scientifically Proven Way to Melt Away 10 Pounds Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods 

5. Sizzles with Personality

Personality makes your copy pop and stand out in the minds of readers who’ve been exposed to reams of brain-freezing content. When you use personality, it forces them to sit up a little straighter and take notice.

​How do you craft headlines that sizzle with personality? By:

  • Using words you’d normally use in conversation. For instance, I use “awesome” and “awesomesauce” a lot, so naturally, they find their way into my copy.
  • Being fun and quirky. A little bit of humor never hurt anyone! Sprinkle it through your copy.
  • Be conversational. Use metaphors and idioms. Blend specificity with personality by using names and locations.

​Example: The Launchall: A Handy {Virtual} Holdall with 30+ Hand-vetted, Sales-Spiking, Free and Low-Cost eCourse Launch Tools to Make Launching a Budget-Friendly Breeze!

​Why Sales Copywriting Frameworks Work and Why They Fail

So, there you have it… My personal 5S Framework for writing compelling, high-converting headlines. But before you go ahead and start whipping up words into a frenzy, a word of advice…

Yes, copywriting frameworks do work because they have a lot of good in them and they’ve been proven-to-be-effective.


​At the same time… Copywriting frameworks are notorious for crippling your creativity. It is easy to get comfortable and fall into a framework without paying much attention to whether or not that framework will fit your goal, audience and business model.

So, with that out of the way, go ahead and use the 5S Framework and treat it like a checklist so you can be sure that your headlines are Specific, Stir curiosity, Strike a chord, Sizzle with personality and State a fact. 🙂

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Attention Grabbing Headlines

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