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A VIP Experience for ROI-Focused Entrepreneurs Who Want High-Converting Evergreen Sales and Email Copy. Delivered in a Day!

Struggling with finding the best words to bring in those sales?

Leaking funnel giving you sleepless nights because your Facebook ad spend is outrageously high while your sales are dismally low?

Envying your competition’s copy? Wondering how, if ever, you’d be able to get that for your launch?   

It’s time for you to go


and I’m a Copy Hackers-certified conversion copywriter who is best known for her dough-making sales and email copy that’s coveted by the best online educators today.

Writing high-impact sales, launch and evergreen funnels for Pat Flynn, Dr. Eric Zielinski, Amy Porterfield, Alli Worthington, April Perry Wilson, Carrie Wilkerson, and hundreds of other clients has given me an unbeatable edge and ensured I have a well-defined, ROI-focused process and solid conversion copy framework to lean on.


“Prerna crafted copy that completely connected with our customer’s core struggles and challenges and, at the same time, spotlighted how our program could help them resolve those struggles easily and effectively.

I love how she took the thoughts and ideas we had put together and created powerful, engaging copy that beautifully represents the love and concern we have for our community.

We hired her to write our email sequence and then ended up hiring her to do our sales page too!

As a business owner, it’s such a relief to find someone as capable, kind, and awesome as Prerna!”

April Perry Wilson – Founder, LearnDoBecome

“Prerna has this uncanny ability to take drab, dull, lackluster text and turning it into something magical that also SELLS.

There are many “cute” copywriters out there…you know the ones who sprinkle a bit of slang, a bit of cussing and words like “darling” and “lovely” and “sweetheart” to shock people or to get their point across.

But there are very few like Prerna who are strategic in their use of personality so that it doesn’t overshadow the core objective of COPY…which is to SELL THE DAMN THING!

Hire her if you want to make money from your copy or keep working with “cute” copywriters who just make you feel good.”

Bushra Azhar, The Persuasion Revolution

If you need help with writing copy and social posts, chat with Content Bistro about what they offer.

Prerna and her team are top-notch, super friendly and thorough in all they do. I never hesitate to recommend them to friends, colleagues, and clients.”

Carrie Wilkerson, and author of The Barefoot Executive

“Prerna brings tremendous enthusiasm and skill to every piece of writing she tackles. Don’t be fooled — behind that friendly face is a copywriting powerhouse. If you have an opportunity to work with her, DO IT — she’s smart, effective, and a joy to work with.”

Pamela Wilson, Founder of Big Brand System

Now YOU have an easy opportunity to rent my brain for your make-megabucks-copy.

For the first time ever, I’m opening up 5 spots in my over-scheduled calendar for entrepreneurs who have an online course with frozen sales.

This VIP experience isn’t for everyone.

It’s only for you if…

You have an online course that isn’t selling the way it should.

You have an audience who’s bought the course and you have feedback from them.

You are willing to be honest about what you think is freezing your sales.

Here’s How We’ll Un-Freeze Those Sales

By leveraging the dual power of our Connection-Conversion Framework and our Conversion Brew Process, I’ll help you make sales rain by using carefully chosen words your customer can’t help but connect with. #rainmaker

What is The Connection-Conversion Framework

Designed to draw on the powers of conversion copywriting while ensuring it’s engaging and value-packed, the Connection-Conversion framework ensures that your prospects are excited by every copy asset you share.

That’s right.

Whether it’s an email or a sales page, your future customers will eagerly look forward to reading what you share.

I season each sentence.

Every sentence engages eyeballs; it ensures your prospect continues to read till the end and then, held spellbound, pulls out their credit card and punches in the details.   

It feels like Harry Potter-esque magic but it’s actually a beautiful blend of art and science.

A lot like baking but only better because you rake in dollars instead of piling on the pounds.

My Copywriting “Guru”!

That’s what I call Prerna!

I love this lady!  She has helped me and my business sooo much!

Not only has she helped me to grow my business – she helped me to realize my self-worth as a business owner.

You see – I’m very good at what I do – that’s teaching and helping people grasp difficult to learn concepts… but I’m NOT GOOD AT WRITING.

In fact, I hate it and because I was putting it off it was crippling my business and my growth.

Not only did she learn about “ME” as a person from our conversations, questionnaires, etc… she actually took the time to research me!  YEP!!  

She googled me, scoured my facebook and Instagram pages, read each of the 175 YELP Reviews and over 100 Facebook reviews!!  WHEW!!  

She took my thoughts, wants, and needs and was able to put them in words in a way that represented “me” and “my voice”!  

When I first began to receive copy from Prerna –  I was like “YES – that’s exactly what I wanted to say but didn’t know how!”

When we first started – it was for one product and one sales page. 

Our relationship has expanded into over 9-10 evergreen sales funnels.

The result? My income has tripled!

When we first started – I was earning approx $5,000 – $6,000 a month with my existing course and sales page – so it was a very “difficult” decision for me to invest over $4,000 in a copywriter and pray that it works out..

But let me tell you – My income has skyrocketed! 

My courses are now earning over $20k a month and I’ve only implemented 50-60% of the material thus far!!!

I have soo many other course ideas and projects “in my head” that I want to implement in the near future and I’ve forewarned Prerna that she is “stuck with me” for at least another year or so!!

– Artricia Woods, Affinity Real Estate and Mortgage Services

I had a 6-figure launch. I’ve made back my money more and more with her service, so I’m very thankful for that!

“I recently finished my third launch for my online school – Hair Boss University and hired Prerna to do the copywriting for me. I outsourced my sales page to her, my webinar registration page, my lead magnet registration page, my email sequences. And I’m so happy that I got to work with her. And it was such an amazing experience because she really released me from any stress. 

I wasn’t stressed and didn’t need to worry about anything. She was very organized at the kick-off call. She interviewed my students. She had looked through all the testimonials, did her research and everything that she’s done is backed up by research. So I knew that she just didn’t make things up from thin air.

So what were the results like? I had a 6-figure launch.And just to be more specific, let’s talk about the conversion rates. For example, for the webinar registration page, I used to
have a conversion rate of about 18%. But after Prerna’s done the copy for me, it was converting at 47%. So that was really amazing! Almost half of the people that come to the page signed up for the Webinar. 

Not only that, the emails really broke through.I have a small audience, about maybe a thousand, and before my conversion rate was about 30%. But Prerna’s emails are converting at 60%. So to me, that has been really, really amazing. And what sets her apart is that she’s so focused on giving you your return on investment. 

She doesn’t use fluffy words that make you sound good. Your offer sounds nice, but she’s very focused on delivering a return on investment. She’s focused on sales. She’s focused on helping you to turn those browsers into buyers. 

And I believe that I’ve made back my money more and more with her service, so I’m very thankful for that. And she’s a conversion copywriter. So that’s why if you have an online course, you should be hiring conversion copywriters. Not just copywriters. And I think it makes such a huge difference. I’ve hired professional people before but they weren’t conversion copywriters which is why I only had a small conversion before but with Prerna’s help, it was just really amazing. 

And I just love that she was very easy to work with. She had great energy and all the copy that she gave me was pretty much close to perfect. The only thing that I had to change was because I wanted to change some of my bonuses, some of my offer,s and ask for that, like, “Can you tweak this for me or change that?” She was so flexible, so easy, and nice to work with.And I’m excited to tell you I’m working with her on another project now for my personal website for bridal hair!

So if you are on the fence about whether or not you should be booking her, I’d say totally do it because she’s so amazing and you will not regret it at all. Prerna, thank you very much for being a part of my launch and being on my team, and being such an amazing addition to this successful launch. I know I’m not going to hire anyone else but you from now on!”

Cara Clyne,

celebrity bridal hairstylist and founder of Hair Boss University

Your investment for Artisanal?

Prepare to be blown away because when you rent my copywriting brain cells (and fast-flying fingers!) for the day, you don’t pay our usual 5-figure price tag.

You pay


for a Full Day

Choose a 

Half-Day for


When you choose Artisanal, you only invest $3499 and hire me as your personal copywriting master chef for the day.

I clear my schedule, roll up my plaid-checked sleeves and get ready to knead your copy to easy-sales perfection.

Here’s what this will look like:

You’ll receive a set of Deep Dive Copy Questionnaires to fill out before we start.

On your scheduled Artisanal VIP day, we’ll meet for a 60-minute Copy KickOff Call.

You’ll talk. I’ll listen and take notes. Lots of them.


You’ll sashay off to the spa, bounce back into bed for a much-needed nap, work on an overdue biz project or take a day off and surprise the kids with a picnic in the park.

Your choice.

You’ve already made a smart make-money-move by choosing Artisanal.

Meanwhile, fueled with caffeine and powered by adrenaline, I’ll burrow deep into the trenches of your online course and copy and craft artisanal copy.

It will be ready to share with you when we meet, the next day!

Through the day, you and I’ll stay in touch via Voxer – a cool walkie-talkie app that’ll make you feel like you’re in the same room as me.   

Ready to demolish the copy and conversion roadblocks standing in your way to
envy-inducing sales?

You have TWO options to choose from:

Perfect for you if you need ANY ONE of the following:


3-5 emails written from scratch


A short sales page.


A Long Form Sales Page. This will definitely be TWO days.

This should work if you need ANY ONE of the following:


A funnel audit — identifying conversion leaks, giving strategic recommendations, including feedback on copy, etc.


An Evergreen Launch strategy session and Funnel Map


A landing page and a thank you page


Fill the form below and I’ll let you know whether or not you need a Full Day or Half Day.

“Why is this so Brainlessly Cheap?

And other questions you may be thinking but are afraid to ask!

Q1. Why are you pricing this low?

Great question! Artisanal is wallet-friendly to make it a real win-win. I get to fill pockets of time with quick and creative copywriting projects and you get to keep money in your pocket while ensuring you have compelling copy for your launches. 

Q2. Will I really get you to do my copy or will it be a junior writer?

You’ll get me and only me.

Our incredible in-house editor will professionally edit the copy but I will write it. Every. Single. Sales-spiking. Word.

Q3. If I book this now can I use my ARTISANAL Day later?

Absolutely! You can book your day and choose to use it any time within the next 6 months.

Q4. Will a full day mean 8 hours or 6 hours?

A full day will be 8 hours and a half-day will be 4 hours. I will Vox you when I’m starting and if needed, through the day and then, finally at the end.

Q5. Can I book more than one day?

Absolutely! You can book two days or a day and a half, if your project demands that.

Q6. What if I don’t like the final result? Will you refund my money?

Since conversion copywriting is creative work, there are no refunds. However, I will be happy to make up to 2 revisions as long as there is no change in the scope of the project.

Q7. I’m not sure whether I need a full day or a half day. Can you help me decide?

Sure thing. Simply fill the form out here and you’ll hear from us within 24-48 hours.

Filling out the form is NOT a booking. You’ll make your payment after we agree on whether you need a full day, two days or half a day.

“In the last decade, I have certified maybe a dozen copywriters out of hundreds of hopefuls – and Prerna is one of the few.

She’s earned her spot as a recognized conversion copywriter for all the reasons you hope: she’s a badass copywriter who loves measurably increasing conversions while also solving for UX, SEO and more.

But even more than that? She’s one of those rare copywriters who actually loves this work. Really loves it. Like, loves it loves it. And it shows in her writing. Because it’s not JUST about the sale. And it’s not JUST about hitting deadlines. And it’s not JUST about repeatable results. It’s also about caring. You can’t teach that.

But you can buy that. When you hire Prerna.”

Joanna Wiebe

Founder, Copyhackers

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