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We’re Prerna and Mayank.

We make intentional profitability™  a reality for course creators and service providers who want growth that doesn’t give them ulcers.

Geniuses at course launches, especially evergreen ones, like the “one course sale a day” kinds. <= Actual results!

Wizards at creating burnout-free scale for service-based businesses.

Obsessed with travel, essential oils, and chocolate chip 🍪 (umm… didn’t our branding give it away?!)

Create intentional profitability for your business with our R.E.M framework

So… What’s this Intentional Profitability™
you speak of?

Intentional profitability is all about building a business that integrates with your entire life including online learning with your kiddos, early morning walks with your partner, reading Sophie Kinsella in the middle of the day, This is Us binge fests, or taking off for 10 days to Paris and Switzerland because well… you wanna!

It is about working with clients on projects that are a heady cocktail of warm fuzzies and adrenalin-highs.

It is about building a life you don’t want to escape from but savor every second of.

It is about loving the momentum and cherishing the moments and memories.

It is about creating impact and influence without sacrificing integrity, sanity, or your health.

Contrary to what the gurus say…
Profit is not something you pull out of thin air.

You create profit.

With intention. With purpose.  With a step-by-step system.

How do you create
Profit with Purpose?

With tested-on-our-biz strategies that work for you and your life season (AKA Momentum Mise-en-Place!).

With seasoned-to-perfection copy that fuels deeper connection with your audience and easier conversion for your offers.  (Artisanal, anyone?!)

With an integrated approach that is ALL-YOU. 

We’ve used our Intentional Profitability™ philosophy to build a million-dollar business while dealing with chronic illness, raising our daughter, and living in India. 

We’ve been in business for over a decade (that’s dinosaur-years in Internet-land!) and we’ve helped 531 (and counting) clients create sustainable scale and intentional profitability. BOOM!!

So… who are we?

Hi! I’m Prerna and I’m the Head {Copy} Chef at Content Bistro.

Copyhackers-certified conversion copywriter and mad baker of afore-mentioned chocolate chip cookies. 

I write sales pages and emails that make Stripe sing for ROI-hungry business owners. 

I believe in engineering launch strategies that make stress-free, #zerohustle launching a real thing!

I help your business figure out not only what your customers want to hear but also… how to say it without sounding brash, crass, or boring! 

Invested in and obsessed with your success, every.step.of.the.way

 (they’ve 👇🏻experienced this obsession, first-hand)

You cater copy to fit me, my audience, and my mission rather than just trying to get the job done.

“Our business has been growing and it’s been challenging to juggle all aspects of a growing business and do it well. It was taking me a long time to write the copy for courses, email, etc. I wrote the copy for our first course, but I knew it could be better. Pat Flynn recommended Prerna to write the sales page for our new course. Our initial launch was successful and I knew I needed help creating an evergreen funnel for the course. My only hesitation was the price but I loved our very first call. You asked all the right questions and listened for the answers. I love how detailed you are. I was able to share the story of our business from the very beginning and my desire to help my online community. This is such an important part of my business and I believe something many people skip over. You cater copy to fit me, my audience, and my mission rather than just trying to get the job done. You are a quick thinker and I’m amazed at how well you craft sentences—even on a live call on the spot! The sales page you wrote for our course really spoke to my audience and you worked hard to make sure the copy matched my solution. It was so descriptive and well-thought-out. It would have taken me months to write something half as good! Our initial launch was successful and we’re looking forward to seeing even more growth through the evergreen funnel you helped us to create. You’re a brilliant copywriter and I feel so fortunate that Pat introduced us. It’s amazing to have a copywriter that is familiar with my audience who can write copy that sells, but more importantly, your words help my audience to know that I can help them!”

Andrea Davis,

helping parents navigate tech with teens at Better Screen Time

Hire her if you want to make money from your copy…

“Prerna has this uncanny ability to take drab, dull, lackluster text and turn it into something magical that also SELLS. There are many “cute” copywriters out there…you know the ones who sprinkle a bit of slang, a bit of cussing, and words like “darling” and “lovely” and “sweetheart” to shock people or to get their point across. But there are very few like Prerna who are strategic in their use of personality so that it doesn’t overshadow the core objective of COPY…which is to SELL THE DAMN THING! Hire her if you want to make money from your copy or keep working with “cute” copywriters who just make you feel good.”

Bushra Azhar

Building an Empire at The Persuasion Revolution

She's one of those rare copywriters who actually loves this work.

“In the last decade, I have certified maybe a dozen copywriters out of hundreds of hopefuls – and Prerna is one of the few. She’s earned her spot as a recognized conversion copywriter for all the reasons you hope: she’s a badass copywriter who loves measurably increasing conversions while also solving for UX, SEO, and more. But even more than that? She’s one of those rare copywriters who actually loves this work. Really loves it. Like, loves it loves it. And it shows in her writing. Because it’s not JUST about the sale. And it’s not JUST about hitting deadlines. And it’s not JUST about repeatable results. It’s also about caring. You can’t teach that.But you can buy that. When you hire Prerna.”

Joanna Wiebe,

the OG conversion copywriter and founder, Copyhackers

Not-So-Random Things
You May Like To Know

Your copy won’t be riddled with F-bombs when you work with me. I don’t swear. Either in person or in my copy. If that’s what you need, then I’m not the right copywriter for you.

You can sleep well at night when you work with me. I’m trusted by the best in the industry for teaching in their programs. Yep, I’ve taught guest expert sessions for several leading courses, including Vanessa Lau’s BOSSGRAM Academy, Female Entrepreneur Association, The Membership Guys, Startup Society, Bushra Azhar’s Mass Persuasion Method, Sold Out Launch, The Copywriter Club, and Copy Hackers’ 10X Launches.

Your health (and sanity) is important to us. We’ve dealt with chronic illness and as a result, pay close attention to what we eat, use, and wear. In fact, we started this business because we had our backs against the wall due to said illness. More on that story here.

You and I can definitely bond IRL over our love for cookies (or coffee or cake!). Yes, besides food, travel is our greatest love. We travel to a new country every year so who knows we may hang out in person soon!. We’ve visited Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Switzerland, France, and love road trips as well!

You’re in for a gourmet, fine-dining experience, not a McDs drive-thru. Great copy, like fine food, has a dynamic process, and a proven tantalizing result to boot, so it isn’t cheap. We serve up the freshest gourmet copy on the block. Fast food’s not welcome.

Hi! I’m Mayank and I’m the CFO and COO at Content Bistro.

Number-cruncher. Strategic thinker. 
Obsessive coffee bean counter 
(I like to know my numbers, even in the kitchen!). 

My not-so-secret superpower is showing you how to streamline processes, solidify positioning, package your services AND raise your pricing, pain-free! 

As an MBA who was born to be a business owner, I consult with service-based businesses who want sustainable scale ™ minus the stress and sleepless nights. 

I help you set up profit-rich packages, sort out your systems and show you, step-by-step, how to rapidly increase revenue, build influence, and do it without overcrowding your Google cal! 

I’m alllll about… Brain work, bottom lines, big revenue leaps.

They know how to build packages that serve both the client and the bottom line.

“There’s a reason Prerna and Mayank have built their business to $250K+/year (actually, there are several reasons, including the fact that they’re crazy smart, values-driven, and hard-working)… but, the big reason they’ve built this resilient, thriving business and platform is that they’ve mastered profitable packages & processes. They know how to build packages that serve both the client and the bottom line. It’s brilliant. They’re brilliant. And you’re brilliant for working with Prerna and Mayank on your packages and business.”

Kira Hug,

writer of weird at and co-kingdom creator at The Copywriter Club

They did the brain work for me!

“Other coaching mastermind programs require me sharing the mentor’s or coach’s time with other members. If they’re one-on-one then their style of coaching requires me to do the brain-work and come up with my own ideas. With MMP there was none of that. I got my 2:1 time with Prerna and Mayank AND because they understood what I wanted to achieve in my business and the kind of person I was, they did the brain-work for me. The result? A plan that I could execute without worrying about something not being “me”.”

Samar Owais,

writing emails that build eCom empires at Emails Done Right 

Tripled my average revenue during quarantine!

” OK, in the last six months I’ve launched three programs. All sold out. Wanna know how many I would’ve launched on my own?Zero. Prerna & Mayank Malik literally walked me through productized services step-by-step and made me launch. They idiot Justin-proofed my plan and refused to let me over-complicate anything. (Looking at you, G-Doc sales page.) And y’know what? It. Worked. I’m not one to share numbers, but those three simple launches tripled my average revenue during quarantine, without having to write a single word for clients. And they were my favorite projects ever.”

Justin Blackman,

unleashing monsters, one word at a time at Pretty Fly Copy

Not-So-Random Things
You May Like To Know

You might catch me biking across the Himalayas. I’m a motorbike enthusiast and have gone on rides across North India, including the Himalayas.

You can swap travel plans with me. When I’m not chewing on numbers, I’m planning our family’s next vacation or road trip. Yes, besides being CFO and COO, I’m also the CVO aka Chief Vacation Officer for our family!

If you have questions about essential oils, I’ve got you covered. As surprising as this may sound, I’m borderline obsessed with essential oils. And yes, I was super skeptical of them when Prerna first brought them up. But now… if our house were on fire, yeah, I’d grab my stash of oils. 

You might hear me referencing sports analogies when we work together. I believe entrepreneurship and sports have a lot in common and I’m constantly finding parallels between them. “Mindset often outweighs skills” is just one of the many biz lessons I’ve learned from sports!

You *can* live a debt-free life (it’s possible, and we’re here to help.) We don’t do debt and neither do we encourage our clients and readers to do that. We’ve built our business, from the ground up, without incurring a single cent in debt. We’d love for you to do the same!

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