5 ways to repurpose blog content

You know how you think you write a blog post and are done with it. Well, think again! For this month’s edition of Biz Bite, I have 5 delectable ways YOU can repurpose personal or business blog content and serve it up for increased traffic and more social media engagement. Yes, seconds can be sizzling hot too!!

Dig in!

  1. Turn the most read or popular posts into an eBook. For instance, I took some of my most popular organizing and decluttering posts, added some more content to them and turned it into an awesome free eBook for my readers on The Mom Writes.
  2. Turn blog posts into photo quotes. You can use any of the amazing free photo editing tools available to help you do that in a jiffy. Here’s one we created for a client using her blog post and good ol’ Picmonkey.repurpose blog content
  3. Create an infographic from a blog post. Here’s what I did for our hugely popular Facebook party guide blog post. You can do the same and instead, publish the infographic exclusively.
  4. Turn related blog posts into an eCourse delivered via email. All you’ll need for this is an email subscription service that allows autoresponders, like Mailchimp or Aweber.
  5. Take a blog post and turn it into a podcast! Yep, Podcastomatic is a cool tool that converts blog into a podcast instantly. It isn’t fancy but it is free and super-easy.

How will YOU be serving up seconds this month? Do YOU repurpose Blog Content? Share with me in the comments!

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