5 Online Content Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

Online content writing is powerful.

It can set your brand apart and turns readers into subscribers or customers.

It can also turn people away faster than you can say “content”.

That’s right.

Done perfectly, online content has great power to influence, persuade, and turn a regular reader into a brand ambassador.

Done wrong, it can be the death knell for an online business. Readers feel disconnected, don’t engage and worse, discard a business or brand as being amateurish.

5 Online Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Here are 5 content writing mistakes that your small business must avoid if it wants to make the right impression, from the start:

1. Using Long Paragraphs

Long paragraphs that aren’t broken up by bullet points, bolded text or into shorter, easy-to-read paragraphs are a huge turn off for web readers.

No one and really, no one, has the time or energy to scroll through chunks of text on their laptop or phone.

Keep paragraphs to 1-3 lines and break longer text with lists and bolded text. 

2. Not Using Photos or Visuals

Visuals are more than just pretty pictures. They can tell a story about your content. Use them wisely.

Use them to break up those long paragraphs and also, to increase social sharing.

People are more likely to share an image than a chunk of text.

Visuals can be branded images, infographics, checklists or simply, interesting photos that relate with your message.

3. Only Talking About Yourself

Ooh. This is a biggie

See, when you’re a brand you feel the need to share your products and services with your audience. Fair enough.

But you need to mix that up with content that adds value to their lives as well.

If you keep talking about how great your product is or how it can help, it’s gonna get boring. Fast.

Instead, brainstorm ideas on how you can add value to your customer’s life.

We talk about this in Content Cookbook where we work on identifying who your delight-to-serve customer is and what your brand values are and how you can tie everything together with your content.

4. Not Using Sub-Headings

No one {not even your high school English teacher!} likes to read an essay that has no sub-heads to indicate transition or new ideas.

Sub-heads add a professional look to your online content and make it easier for a web reader to scan through and still get the gist of it.

5. Using Fonts that are Tough to Read

Finally, please use fonts that are clear and easy to read. Dark colored fonts on a light or white background work best.

Don’t make your readers strain their eyes to see what you’re saying. Chances are they won’t do it for long and you’ll lose them forever.

When in doubt, ask someone who fits your reader profile to give your content a good look. Are they able to read it clearly and easily?

Which one of these online content writing mistakes are YOU making?


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