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Do you remember that episode from Friends when Ross and Chandler visit that hotel in Canada and take everything that’s “free”??

It’s SO funny!!
And fun!!
Because…free is fun!!

And whoever said there’s no such things as free lunches, clearly hadn’t met yours truly 😉

So, today, I dug through our virtual pantry aka Archives and found not one, not two but 5 fabulous and free small business resources to help you increase traffic, conversions, engagement and sales… because when the free stuff helps you make money, it’s like getting that cherry on the top, right?

Let’s dig right in!

Free Small Business Resources for Entrepreneurs

Whether you want to improve your About Me page, craft delightfully engaging product descriptions, infuse more sizzle into your social media strategy or save time on social media or amp up engagement on your Facebook page with a part-ay, you’ll find it all here and then some.

1. About Me Page Templates

Does your About Me page need some spicing up? A little infusion of personality and punch?

Download TWO free templates to help create an About Me page that engages, showcases your personality and turns readers into regular visitors. 

2. Product Description Checklist

Do you own a product-based business?

Struggling with sales?

Maybe your product descriptions aren’t doing their job.

Power them up with this downloadable droolworthy product descriptions checklist.

3. Social Sizzle: A Social Media Strategy eBook

Have you been wondering how to add dollops of engagement to your social media so that it helps you build your brand, gain visibility and increase traffic?

The answer is: Social Sizzle. Packed with the 5 key ingredients for an engagement-rich social media strategy, showcasing 10 case studies and giving you plenty of food for thought, this eBook has received rave reviews like the one below.

social sizzle

Get instant {and free} access to Social Sizzle here.

Bonus Freebie: With Social Sizzle also get a handy-dandy theme-based content calendar and time-saving checklist to ensure that you use social media smartly while building your community as well.


4. Fire Up Engagement with a Facebook Party Planning Checklist

A Facebook party is a super fun and high engagement way to connect with your community, power up organic reach and have tons of fun as well.

If you want to organize one for your page but don’t know where to start, I have just the thing for you- a fun Facebook party planning checklist

5. Get Organized for Blogging with a Blog Editorial Calendar

Have you been struggling with your blog? Not knowing what to post?

Go ahead, and download a FREE blog editorial calendar template to help you have a focused content marketing strategy that converts.  Just check the box that has  “blog editorial calendar” in front of it.

Free Small Business Resources

Go ahead, get one, get all.

Take your pick.

But now NO more excuses for having a website or social media presence that makes you squeal with delight.

You’re welcome. 😉

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