Last updated on March 12th, 2019

eBook marketing.

The two words that every author dreads.

Yes, it’s a fact.

Y’see, we authors are a creative type. We love to write, create, let our imaginations and our words take wing. All the selling, planning, marketing makes us want to run and hide under snuggly quilts, curled up into tight balls!

But the hard-as-candy fact is that unless you market your eBooks, you wouldn’t have anyone reading them. Unless, of course, you count your mom/aunt/dad and bestie from college. But really, wouldn’t you want your eBooks to land on Kindles and inboxes of millions of excited readers? Of course, you would.

In fact, even now, you find yourself silently and sometimes, sadly envying those authors whose eBooks seem to skyrocket to fame and popularity while yours seem to fall deep into the dark, stinky dungeons of obscurity and oblivion.

You wonder why some authors seem to scoop up the spotlight like ice cream from a tub, attending TV shows, podcast interviews and getting featured all the time while you sit alone on your couch, watching re-runs of Friends and eating said ice cream from a tub.

But before you drown yourself in a puddle of pity, here’s some news to cheer your little heart up: You aren’t alone.

That’s right.

You see, the authors who seem to have it all – the guts and the glory – they’re only a handful of them. Like really, a small handful.

The others are just like you – Creative, beautiful, inspired souls who’ve bared their hearts and shared their wisdom with grace and generosity but now struggle to get it noticed, known and well, sold!

The reason {or rather, reasons!} is simple… marketing mistakes that we make that slowly snuff out our sales and suffocate any chances of visibility or success.

5 Sales-Snuffing eBook Marketing Mistakes You Can Avoid Right Now

Today I’m going to pull the tattered curtain back and share the 5 crippling eBook marketing mistakes that most authors make and how YOU {yes, YOU!} can avoid them altogether.

This post is based on the premise that you’ve written an eBook that will knock the socks off your readers and is on a topic that will trigger sales when the right marketing buttons are pushed.

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1. A Sales Page that Fails to Sell

Your sales page is your salesperson and if it’s not written right, chances are you need to fire it.

I see it all the time. eBook sales pages make humongous conversion-crushing mistakes and that pretty much seals the fate of an eBook.

Now, if you have a large audience, a solid community and an advertising budget that’s bigger than our grocery budget, maybe a less-than-stellar sales page would be acceptable. Maybe.

BUT if you’re like most authors who have an average-sized or even, miniscule audience, a somewhat there community and a budget that’s tinier than the mole on my daughter’s cheek, then, your sales page needs to slay resistance and swing wallets open like Babe Ruth on his best day!

2. No Marketing Plan in Place

Another biggie. The eBook’s written and then, expected to sell itself.

Sorry, darling, ain’t happening.

You need a marketing plan that packs a punch, like the green smoothie I’m quaffing right now. Most eBook marketing plans look like the pumpkin soup I had last week – colorless, bland and flavorless. Marketing is relegated to the dusty background and naturally; eBook sales die a slow, painful death.

Your eBook marketing plan must start from the time you start writing your eBook {thaaat’s right!} to the time it hits virtual shelves and then, goes beyond that.

However, just as all eBooks aren’t created equal, all eBook authors aren’t blessed with the same amount of time and energy.

That’s one of the reasons why in my Easy-as-Pie eBook Marketing Recipe Book, I shared different types of marketing calendars so you can choose and create one that fits your life season to a T!

3. A Lackluster Launch

If marketing plans need to pack a punch, your eBook launch needs to be super exciting, like a movie launch, only without the red carpets and the glittery gowns.

For the record though, my launch outfit is fluffy PJs and snuggly, worn-out t-shirts or sweatshirts. 😉

But seriously, though, launches need to be loaded with energy and excitement so your community can’t help but want to buy your book and spread the word too.

In my post on launch lessons, I shared everything that I’ve learnt over the last 8 years of launching eBooks for myself and clients, and it all boils down to this – you need a plan to launch your eBook. Whether you do it in an intimate, personalized way or in an all-out, get-the-party-started way, is up to you.

But you need a plan.

4. Skipping Social Media Promotions

Are you using social media to only share pictures of your cute kids or play games that involve farm animals?

I’m all for sharing slices of life on social media but I’m also, for leveraging it to share your brilliance and your business. A quick look at my Facebook feed will show you what I mean.

And if you think, social media is only Facebook, know this…  You can use the rabbit hole of social media, Pinterest, too, to double or triple your eBook sales!

That’s right.

5. Keeping your eBook to Yourself

Finally and most importantly, you need to promote your eBook with ease, and elegance. You don’t need HUGE marketing budgets or endless amounts of time.

In fact, all you need is a plan. Yes, I know… broken record-sounding, right there. 😉

But, honestly, you can put together a solid strategy using the 20+ eBook promotion ideas I have right here.

There you go.

5 mistakes that most eBook authors make that leads to sales drying up {or not happening at all!} and visibility being just about as bad as that on a very foggy night!

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