31 types of content that entrepreneurs must create Infographic

Does your blog and social media content bring you traffic, new customers, client enquiries, and engagement?

Or is it more like… crickets when you publish a new post either on your site or on social media?

If it’s the latter, chances are you’re wondering what types of content should you be posting so that they resonate with your audience. You’re wondering right.

While the first key step is to always know who your audience is… I’m going to assume you already know that and move straight ahead to the 31 {yes thirty-one!} types of content your audience wants you to share so that they can fall in love with your brand, your vision and of course, your offerings.

Ready? Let’s go!

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31 Types of Content That Entrepreneurs and Bloggers Must Create

1. Content that inspires

Inspiring content uplifts and leaves us feeling well, inspired to take on the world and do what we can do best.

Sample it at: Zig Ziglar’s Facebook page.

2. Content that reveals

Can your content reveal the truth behind how you did something? Share a unique insider’s look?

Sample it at: Katie’s post on how they healed their eczema

3. Content to encourage

Do your posts encourage your readers? Give them hope? Fill them with the desire to make a change, create a difference?

4. Content that tells a story or two

Storytelling isn’t for your kids. It’s for your readers too. Take them on a journey. Share a story with them. Weave a tale and you’ll find they’re always intrigued.

Sample it at: Michael Hyatt’s 9-part nighttime ritual

5. Content that revives memories

Can your content take your readers down memory lane? Help them relive days gone by so that they’re inspired to change their future? How can you do that?

6. Content that evokes emotions

Do your blog posts evoke emotions ranging from longing and desire to hope and excitement? How can you infuse your posts with emotion?

7. Content that challenges a perception

What is a commonly held perception amongst your audience? How can you help challenge or change that?

8. Content that has no words

Visual content is big these days and if you can convey an idea via a picture, awesome.

Note: That’s why Content Cookbook comes with ready-to-use photo templates too! 

9. Content that highlights uniqueness

Can your content showcase uniqueness and out-of-the-box thinking?  A person who’s blazing a trail or a method that no one ever thought of? Share that.

10. Content that motivates you

Establish a personal connect with your audience. Share what motivates YOU. You’ll be surprised at how often it would motivate them too.

Sample it at: Buffer thrives on customer happiness. I know it because I’ve interacted with them several times and come away feeling special! Not an easy feat. Their post on customer happiness and social media showcases what motivates them and how you can make it happen too.

11. Content that changes a long-held belief

Like perceptions, beliefs can be challenged and changed to. Can your content do that?

12. Content that gives the tools needed to change

What tools are you using to make change, growth or success happen? Can you share them with your readers?

Sample it at:  Our very own The Chef’s Corner

13. Content that showcases a success story

Who has benefited from your products, services or content? Showcase them. Shine the spotlight on them and let them speak for you.

Sample it at: Selena Soo’s post about Joana Galvao’s success

14. Content that highlights lessons from failures

Did you try something and fail at it? Don’t brush it under the carpet. Look for the lessons in that and share those. Readers love real people. Show them how real you are, failures and all.

15. Content that helps you save money

How can you help your readers save money – at home, for their business, at work, as a grandparent?

Sample it at: Crystal Paine’s Money Saving Mom is all about helping busy moms save with ease. Plus, her content ticks all the other boxes too- personal, real, emotional and more.

16. Content that offers expert advice

Who do you know whose expert advice will hold great value with your readers? Interview them. Or share a review of their latest book.

Sample it at: Andreea Ayer’s interview with Discovery Toys CEO Jerry Salerno

17. Content that shares user experience

Have great customer testimonials. Highlight them. Turn them into visuals and pop them up on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Like this. Shruti Artsy Craftsy Mom Testimonial

18. Content that’s all video

This is personal for me. I want to do more video and need to face my fears of sounding and looking like a cartoon. However, I do know a lot of people who do this with style.

Sample it at: Carrie’s video interviews and tips for female entrepreneurs are bite-sized and actionable.

19. Content that is a template for success

Can you help your readers succeed with whatever is challenging them at the moment?

Sample it at: Copyblogger has TONS of content that can help you succeed with creating amazing blog and email copy. Case in point: This ultimate copy checklist to optimize every element of your online copy.

20. Content that is all audio

Podcasts are a rage. Have you tried them yet?

Sample it at: Natalie Sisson’s The Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast is a fave with anyone who wants a location-independent business with ease.

21. Content that delivers results

What actionable, info-packed content can you share to help your readers achieve the same results that you have?

Sample it at: Neil Patel’s step-by-step guide to integrating long tail keywords will definitely give you results. Ask me how I know!

22. Content that shares data

Are you a number cruncher? Can you share content that highlights numbers without making readers’ heads hurt?

Sample it at: Backlinko. Brian Dean shares highly actionable content that rests deeply on statistics and numbers. BUT he does it in a way that makes it super interesting.

23. Content that feels familiar

Familiarity is comfy. Share content that you’ve noticed resonates well with your readers. Chances are they’ll appreciate the familiarity. Let that familiarity reflect in your “writing” voice as well. It establishes a connection. 

24. Content that feels different

Ever come across a post that gives you pause and encourages you to think? Create one that does that. If you’ve only been posting long, text posts, why not experiment with short, question-style posts?

25. Content that is evergreen

Content that your readers will love all.the.time. For this, of course, you really need to know who you’re writing for, whether on the blog or on social media.

26. Content that is highly seasonal

Content that will help your readers make the most of a particular season is bound to strike a chord and be highly useful too.

Sample it at: 47 No-Tech and Free Summer Activities to Chill With

27. Content that is very personal

Share a raw story, an honest account, a personal belief and the story behind it.

Sample it at: Mandi’s post on why homeschooling is it for their family.

28. Content that peeks behind-the-scenes

Take readers or customers behind-the-scenes and share a real, up close and personal view of how your work gets done.

Sample it at: Pat Flynn’s Back to the Future Behind-the-Scenes Post

29. Content that is laugh-out-loud funny

Humor is great and when you can share content that tickles the funny bone, you’ll have readers laughing their way to your blog or Facebook page.

See it in action: Firepole Funnies

30. Content that is printable

Share great tips or how-to tutorials and then, amp up the value by giving an easy-to-use printable version of it.

See it in action: About Me Page templates

31. Content that is all-awesome-value

‘Nuff said.


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