31 Days to More Customers

Have you been thinking about shutting shop because you’re so frustrated with the lack of sales your business has been generating? 

Do you taste that bitter taste of failure when you hear about others’ skyrocketing numbers?

 Does your stomach churn and head pound when you think of the hours of toil and sweat you’ve put into a business that really shouldn’t be called a business because it doesn’t make you any money?

 If so, you aren’t alone and this lack of customers for your products or services isn’t really your fault.

This whole running a business thing can be overwhelming, especially when you pause to consider everything that needs to get done.

You need to work on product creation, invoice people, manage your books, ship things out, check emails, share on social, reply to emails, write blog posts, send out newsletters, network in person, network online, respond to PR pitches, contact publications…. Yes the list is endless.

And what about the fact that you’re doing all of this while trying to have a life too? I know!!

 So, what’s the solution?

The solution is a carefully planned, actionable, easily executed, result-oriented plan to help you shut out the noise and cut through the clutter to focus on the one thing that matters to your business right now: Customers.

You need people buying from you.

You need people hiring you.

You need people telling other people about how awesome you are.

Because people = customers and customers = sales and sales = profit. Simple 😉  

Snag your copy of the 31 Days to Get More Customers eBook and have ALL the sales-boosting tips you need in one easy-to-access place! At only $9, it’s the BEST implementable investment you’ll ever make 😉 

This 31-Day Free Challenge does JUST that.

It gives you the clarity you need to develop a laser focus on supercharging your sales so that your business brings not just satisfaction but streams of revenue flowing in.

If all this free challenge does is get you ONE more customer, can you see how that can change your business?

Who Are We to Show You How to Get More Customers and Supercharge Sales?

Prerna and MayankWe are Prerna and Mayank and we’re the chefs;) at gorgeous space called Content Bistro, where we work with time-starved entrepreneurs worldwide and serve them with good-for-business content and community management solutions.

For the last 5 years, we’ve worked with over 100 clients in countries ranging from of course, the U.S and Australia to Canada, Switzerland, Dubai, Denmark, and Singapore.

Did I mention we stay in India? 😉

We also have a steady stream of customers buying our information products, literally while we sleep.

Yes, we’ve built a business that generates a healthy full-time income and at the same time, yes, we know what it is like to hear the death knell of no sales.

However, over the last 5 years, we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t and now we want to share these sales success secrets with you. 


In only 4 weeks, you will:

  •  Fix the leaks on your website that are turning customers away
  • Discover {and use!} the powerful and free “tool” I use to get new clients, every.single.month.
  • Uncover and apply scientifically proven techniques to skyrocket sales
  • Find out the secret hangout spots for your customers and join them there… and MORE.

Every day’s post will be brief {no pages of inane blather here!}, have a single action for YOU to take {it all comes down to action, right?!} and the result of that action {you gotta know what you’re gonna get!}.

Don’t want these in your inbox? No worries. Make sure you’re in The Biz Bistro because I’ll share the link to the day’s post and challenge in there every day.

Worried you wouldn’t be able to keep up? 

Don’t be. First off, the steps are going to be bite-sized. We’ll be starting October 1st.

Next, on Day 15, we’ll have an Action Only Day when you can spend time catching up. Same thing for Day 30.

On Day 31, we’ll wrap up, review our progress, share and celebrate our new clients and customers and yes, there will be virtual coffee cups clinking as we draw WINNERS!!

You can also, catch up on ALL the posts right here, so bookmark this one and visit it every day 😉

31 Days to More Customers

Day 1:Roll Out the Red Carpet

Day 2: Share Your Story

Day 3: What They Want YOU to Know

Day 4: Is Your Number 1 Salesperson Doing Its Job?

Day 5: Are YOU Telling Them What They Want to Know

Day 6: Give it ALL Away

Day 7: Sauce up Your Social

Day 8: Fix that FAQ page

Day 9: Bling Up That Blog

Day 10: Shine the Spotlight

Day 11: Sizzle It with Flash Sales

Day 12: Invite Peeps to Party with You

Day 13: Collaborate to Create More Sales

Day 14: The “Stay in touch” Sales Strategy

Day 15: It’s ALL About the ACTION

Day 16: Ask and You Shall Receive…a Referral

Day 17: Love their Loyalty

Day 18: Is Your Business Card Building Your Biz

Day 19: Sales Ahoy with Free Ship{ping}

Day 20: Spice Up the Sales with a Special

Day 21: Email Opt-Ins for the {Sales} Win

Day 22: You’ve Got {e}Mail

Day 23: Gift-wrapping Those Sales

Day 24: Get Friend{Ly} with Clients

Day 25: Use Videos to Sell Successfully

Day 26:Maximize Sales with Incentives

Day 27: Soup Up Your SEO

Day 28: R is for Reviews and Ratings

Day 29: Consistency is the Key

Day 30: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Day 31: The Road Ahead

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