For the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about increasing engagement on social media as a small business and brand..

From the 5 ingredients to increase engagement to a bite-sized action tip to help you tune into your community, we’ve talked about it all.

Am wrapping up this social media engagement focused series by giving you 15 super-quick BUT reallllly effective tips to increase the ROI or results you see from spending all this time on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.

Go ahead, pin this or bookmark the post and then, work your way through the 15 tips and I promise you, you’ll see a HUGE difference in the results you get from these water coolers!

15 Quick Tips to Increase Social Media Results2

 How to Increase Social Media Results with Simple Tweaks

1. Engage. Strike Up a Conversation.


2. Update Your Profile. Include ALL important details, like website address and what your business is all about.


3. Listen. Pay Attention!


4. Be Consistent. Update Your Page Regularly.


5. Set Clear Goals. Have an ROI.


6. Treat Others the Way You’d Want to Be Treated. Read: Don’t Talk Down or Sell Up All.The.Time.


7.  Put a Face to the Persona. People Like to See Who They’re Talking To.


8. Do Things Differently. Experiment with Post Styles, Types or Timings.


9. Create Value for Your Community.


10. Don’t Link Bomb Your Page or Profile. Please!


11. Focus on Engagement, Not Empty Numbers.


12. Review Insights and Analytics Regularly. Know Where You’re Getting Your Traffic From.


13. Keep Things Interesting. Parties, Contests, Fun Peek Behind-the-Scenes!


14. Narrow Down Your Networks. You Do NOT Need to be Everywhere.


15. Let Your Brand Shine.

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