10 super simple high impact ways to engage on twitter in 2012

10 super simple high impact ways to engage on twitter in 2012

Have you been on Twitter for a while?

Do you think engaging and creating a substantial follower base organically is difficult or even impossible? Think again.

Here are 10 ways to engage and enjoy Twitter in 2012 organically:

1. Share a Twitpic– Tweet photos of you, your familyif you’re comfortable sharing), a painting or a place you adored, or anything you think is worth sharing with your followers  and friends. Remember, “a picture is worth a thousand words, a slideshow is more.”

2. Talk about Events and Happenings – #Hashtag a party or a Christmas carnival you’re heading to and you can connect with new friends even before you get there. Talk about boosting your offline social life alongwith your online presence.

3. Comment on a story/blog – Leaving a considerate& a genuine comment on a writer’s or blogger’s story, then tweeting it out and spreading the word, may help you connect with new friends and also the writer or the blogger. It is a great way to reach out and link with the online community while growing Twitter followers and increasing engagement.

4. Ask a question – Stimulate discussion and diverse viewpoints and you’ll get to know your online community much better, leading to increase in followers and more conversation.

5. Ask for help – Whether you’re buying a new phone, looking for a new restaurant or want some technical help with your computer, ask your online community for help. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the swiftness and the quality of reply you will get.

6. Share your Opinion – Share your opinion on sports, government policies, brands you admire or dislike. Share a tip or an article that you read that you think your followers would find useful.

7. #FollowFridays, Retweets – Endorse another brand or person actively by either retweeting their tweets or by including them in your #FollowFriday list. It’s a great way to introduce some of your favourite people and brands to your friends and followers.

8. Make Announcements – Speaking at a conference? Attending a Webinar? Launching a new product/service? Communicate with others to augment the feeling of community within your follower base.

9. Share quotes – Who doesn’t love an inspiring quote? Remember, “There is no delight in owning anything unshared.” ~Seneca

10. Share a video – A video or a song that you like gives a personal flavour to your profile. Your followers can then connect to you on a much more personal level.

Just remember to tweet about what you love or loathe and you would have taken your first step towards engaging on Twitter.


Happy tweeting!


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