Reading business blogs is one of my favorite ways to unwind at the end of a busy day. Not only do I get to absorb some truly great content, get inspired and stay abreast of industry trends, I also learn a LOT. For FREE.

As a smallbiz owner, business blogs are the treasure trove of knowledge and learning that you should dip into regularly.

Here is my list of the top 10 business blogs{in no particular order of preference} that I feel you, the small business owner, would really benefit from reading:

1. Copyblogger  for Kickass Content Marketing Advice

My trusted, recommended, no-nonsense resource for everything on content creation, marketing and beyond. If there is just ONE content marketing blog you can read in the day, please let it be this one.

2. Convince and Convert for Serious Social Media Tips

Jay Baer’s blog for business owners offers you some seriously awesome advice on using social media and content to leverage your business and drive sales successfully. Posts like Why You Need to Market Your Marketing  are just one example of why Jay is SO good at what he does.

3. Search Engine Land for SEO Success

SEO is the cornerstone of businesses online and if you’re not practicing rock solid, good SEO, chances are your business is suffering. Search Engine Land’s Local Search Category will give small business owners the latest news, trends, tools and info that you can use to use SEO to your best advantage.

4. SEOMoz Blog for More SEO Success

Want more SEO and smallbiz resources? Check out the SEOMoz blog that is chockfull of tips and information not just on SEO but also on social media, content and more. Recently I loved reading/watching Top 10 Ways to Get More Customer Feedback.

5. The Mogul Mom for Moms Raising a Family and Running a Business

First a disclaimer: I work with Heather Allard, the founder of The Mogul Mom and am also a contributor to the site. Having said that, it is a great resource for moms wanting to balance both a business AND a baby and Heather’s advice comes from her own experience of running a business while raising a family.

6. build a little biz for the smallbiz owner wanting to shine

Again a business blog, I’m personally associated with as an expert contributor but yet again, this is an absolutely kickass resource for every smallbiz owner who’s felt that they’re alone, struggling or overwhelmed. Karen and her team of expert contributors offer you advice based on experience and work hard to help you make your biz shine.

7. The Suitcase Entrepreneur for Entrepreneurs Wanting to Live Globally

Want to live in Amsterdam one month and Canada the next? Meet Natalie Sisson a.k.a The Suitcase Entrepeneur.  Natalie is an amazing, talented and generous entrepreneur who offers advice on making money while living anywhere in the world. Best part, she walks the talk.

8. Ali Brown for Rockstar Women in Business

If you’re a woman in business and want to amp up your game and take it to the next level, you’ve got to read business coach and mentor Ali Brown’s blog. Her advice on client relationships, pricing, marketing, selling, networking is just perfect for women wanting to seriously rock their business.

9. The Smart Passive Income Blog for Setting up Multiple Streams of Income

Pat’s blog is a great example of how someone can set up ‘passive’ streams of income with great content and immense value to one’s readers. I respect Pat immensely and absolutely love listening to his podcasts that offer practical, do-able advice for business owners wanting to use affiliate marketing, SEO and other strategies to add sources of income.

10. Google For Business for Everyone Who Wants to Know What Google Thinks

This blog by Google caters to business owners and offers tips, tools, resources and insights into how to best use what Google has to optimize your business online. You may find it a bit sales-y but it is Google’s blog after all, and they will promote their products and services, right?

So, what’s on your business reading list?

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